Give it a bad name

Sheri wrote:

My boyfriend who is a trainer got me into the gym lifestyle and after six months of dating him I have gotten into incredible shape. However, I recently found out he has been hiding a Vape habit from me. I feel betrayed that someone that is so healthy could do something as dangerous as smoking or vaping. It feels so deceptive to be preaching health but also do something so bad for your health.

What do I do?



What do you do as in “should I leave him”, or as in “how do I confront him”?

I feel that any doctor smoking, dentist chewing tobacco, or fitness professional smoking or vaping instantly delegitimizes their role in the their profession. You don’t see NASCAR drivers drinking during a race, and you wouldn’t see an opera singer screaming before a performance because it’s going to ruin their tools used in their professional careers…just as smoking or vaping is ruining the very tool a fitness professional is exemplifying as healthy while training someone. At its core, its deceptive to the customer.

If you want to leave him, leave him. That’s your choice. If you want to be with him and confront him, let him know you find his vaping disgusting and deceptive and that you’re also bothered by him hiding it from you. If you’d like, make him choose between you and the vaping. Hopefully he chooses you.