Myrna wrote

How do you deal with being famous? I have like 200 people following my Insta and leaving comments and things and I can’t deal.

How do you deal with being famous and the attention it brings?



I am not famous, nor have I ever pretended to be. I have a blog and a around a thousand followers on all social media in addition to random readers here. Sometimes they comment, sometimes they email, and I do my best to respond. I don’t have riches, I don’t have instant recognition wherever I go, and I haven’t had a chance to do something major with my life other than help some people and donate to & encourage everyone to donate to the American Cancer Society.

If 200 people following you is famous in your eyes, I am glad you found fame and I hope you handle it responsibly. Personally, I wouldn’t consider anyone truly famous until they’ve amassed over 10k Social media followers, started in a movie or TV show, done something good in pro sports, released music or writing on a large scale, and done something notably benevolent with their fame or income. It’s easy to be rich or YouTube famous these days just by being an idiot, doing pratfalls or semi-correct workout videos, or by saying stupid things. I am not saying you do those things, but that’s the way the world is working lately. No one should strive for that…strive for more. If you feel you’re famous, encourage your followers to come donate money or time to a charity that will affect the largest number of people you can affect (AIDS, Cancer, or MS charities are a good start) or have them pledge time to a United Way or Habitat for Humanity event. If your followers all give time, you’re certainly more famous than some already famous people because you’re moving your followers to do good things.