Tar isn’t the problem

Fb wrote

You seem relatively knowledgeable in health matters so I thought I would ask this question. I have recently given up smoking and started vaping. The guys at the Vape shop say vaping is healthier and not harmful but I am seeing some news articles on Facebook talking about how it is harmful and is an epidemic. I thought the tar was the bad part of smoking so is there something else I should be worried about?



First off, let me say that inhaling anything other than the air we breathe is harmful …and sometimes even the air we breathe can be harmful.

While there is a lack of long-term data, studies do prove vaping is harmful because the “vape user” and anyone in the vicinity are inhaling a series of chemicals including – at minimum- concentrated nicotine which is usually consumed at a nearly toxic level, a chemical flavoring base, and the suspension liquid that turns into the vapor (this can turn into formaldehyde when heated into vapor…it is NOT just water). None of this is good for the lungs. While cigarettes, marijuana, and hookahs do contain a host of other chemicals and/or plant tar, vaping is still harmful – and if you are trying to be healthy, it’s best to avoid smoking in general. Nicotine in general can also affect brain growth in fetuses and small children as well, so it isn’t just you that should be considered.

I know I mentioned marijuana there, and there are people that need to take it for medicinal use, but I’d recommend looking into non-smokable options if that is the case.

I hope that helps,