Not all protein has to taste “off”

Anonymous wrote:

Hey, I came across this site a few days ago when I saw a link to a post from 2015. I have a question. Is there a protein powder that doesn’t taste “off”? I was doing Beachbody and Isogenix and can’t stand the taste or texture of any of those. Beachbody Cafe Latte is the absolute worst! I tried Thrive (I think that’s what it is called) and couldn’t stop gagging, and the GNC protein is the awful, but their sales people must be brainwashed because they all say it’s delicious. How do you take protein if it tastes like garbage?



I am no fan of the brands you named either, but different people have different tastes and some of those companies offer more than just protein.

Here are the three brands I swear by:

Dymatize- Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla flavors are good across the board and it mixes and blends well. No amino spiking either.

Sparta Nutrition- Vanilla is an absolute winner and the fruit loopish cereal one is awesome. I like all of their flavors, except the one that is supposed to be like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s disgusting. No protein company has gotten that flavor 100% correct.

Outlaw Vanilla Protein- Vanilla and Chocolate taste great and it has CLA for extra fat burning.

No 5lb protein should cost over $59 and buy from manufacturer, on supplement sites like Suppz or A1 Supplements, or Amazon.

As I have said in the past, Vanilla is the standard I measure a protein by because it is the most versatile flavor due to the variety of what it can be blended with it. A crappy Vanilla flavor can throw off an entire smoothie. Over the years, I’ve tried several dozen protein brands and hundreds of flavors. I recommend staying away from GNC brands and BSN as they are often overpriced and have horrible flavors. GNCs AMP Vanilla tastes like burned plastic.

Finally, if you’re a coffee drinker, try Chike protein. Great coffee flavor and very smooth when mixed with milk. I get mine at HyVee.

There are a few other brands out there, and you have to try some samples before committing. Look for sample packs on the manufacturers’ websites for these.

Good luck