About Minnesodad


So I am just a guy, but not your typical “hand-in-the-pants-while-zoning-out-on-the-football-game” guy, which is why I created this blog.  I’ve got a different outlook on love, health, and life in general..and was inspired after the end of a relationship (it’s in the early posts) to create a blog.  Over the last 9 years, I’ve changed and so has the blog.  It’s changed from an editorial and advice blog into something more…something that’s grown organically to be read in over 71 countries worldwide and, as a result, it’s also become more a lifestyle blog.  I still do advice, but I also do product reviews, restaurant and music reviews, fitness information, and the usual editorial pieces that made this blog popular in the first place.

Read along as I give advice, share some humor, open your eyes and ears to new places and music, and just speak my mind.  I don’t really hold back from speaking the truth, when telling people what they need to hear, and I don’t shy away from finding value and beauty in the little moments in life.