Half of my life

I turn 41 this month and I am feeling pretty good about it. Life is going well, and despite a few vendors cancelling out on review opportunities, I may have a few more coming.

My fitness routine is still going strong and work is going extremely well. I have an amazing team.

I have lived in MN for almost half of my life now, and it’s been a good ride. Lots of twists and turns have come my way over that time. I have had some heartbreak, some adventures, and I have watched both of my kids come into this world here.

I don’t know what the future will bring, but the 41 years under the bridge have all been a memorable experience.


The parade

Trellis wrote:


My family and I had a falling out over Easter and I am hoping you can help. I just met this guy a few weeks ago and I am head over heels in love. It’s love too, I am 24 and know what love is and what it isn’t.

Anyway, I met this guy and he is totally different than my ex husband (yes- 24 and divorced), and he is crazy about me. We just can’t keep our hands off of each other!

We were not making out or anything with my family, but they said we were hanging on each other and making people uncomfortable after I brought him for Easter dinner. I told my mom that he was moving in this week and she got upset. When I fired back to my mom that he was “the one”, she got upset and said I have issues because I’d only been divorced for three weeks and she felt I was moving too fast. I said, “When it’s right, you know it’s right.” We left shortly after and I don’t know what to do. Help!



So you’ve been divorced for three weeks and have decided a guy you met a few weeks ago is “the one”? Yikes. No offense, but I sense you’re most likely a train wreck. I am not knocking you feeling your emotions or being really into this guy, but the truth is, no one knows who they really are until 25 or later, so you’re really jumping the gun here. To top that off, you’ve been married before and obviously thought the first dude was worth marrying, so after just three weeks of being divorced, don’t blame your mom for showing concern that you’re moving way too fast. Listen to your parents and slow it down. Your decision making skills and impulse control are definitely lacking.

If whatever you have with this guy is solid, he will understand. Give it several months, and get to know him. Don’t jump into this knee deep in a few short weeks. Get to know him better…not physically, just emotionally/mentally. If you fail to do this, you’ll be twice divorced by 25.


Supplement review: Valhalla Labs PT 2

“I am impressed beyond belief.”

That is what I told someone who asked me how the supplements from Valhalla Labs are going with me.

Awhile back, I reviewed Fenris Fury preworkout from Valhalla Labs and it is, hands down, the best preworkout I’ve ever used, which made me more interested in trying the rest of the product line.

Typically, a supplement manufacturer makes one or two supplements well, and the rest of the line is substandard, but is there to keep drawing people back to the “all stars”. Valhalla Labs line is all around fantastic and I’ll walk through the awesomeness right now.

1. Battle Mead Intra and Battle Mead Post – Both of these have an apple cider type of flavor that tastes great, and the results are great. They are sold together and you should take them together, and they are a great value.

Battle Mead Intra is unlike many other Intras because it doesn’t contain a boatload of carbs, but IS loaded with other ingredients that provide better results by driving more blood and nutrients into muscle cells. I have 15-18% body fat that I am working to lose and have struggled for years to get rid of it. I can gain muscle like a madman, but I have struggled to lose fat, and it may because I’d been carb boosting before or during a workout like I’d been taught to do. I even had a trainer once suggest I take a handful of gummy bears or skittles mid-workout along with an intra-drink. It turns out it’s a bad practice. Battle Mead Intra, with R-Ala (helps with muscle synthesis), cinnamon (assists in glucose transportation), chromium p (raises glucose sensitivity), vanadyl sulfate (helps glucose synthesis when resting), glutamine (prevents muscle deterioration), and isoleucine (it’s like a snowplow of carbs into muscle tissue), promotes some serious muscle synthesis. Taurine, creatine and a 2:1 Glucose-dextrose blend prevent muscle cramping and create muscle engorgement. It’s a perfect blend that took years to make, but it’s well-made and it shows in the results. It mixes well, and there are some snowballs in the shaker when taking this but that’s to be expected with an intraworkout.

Battle Mead Post is very similar in ingredients to Intra, but it has Leucine without Isoleucine (they work better independently) and some sucrose that provides the insulin surge post workout, which is the time you need it. The result is more dextrose being funneled to the muscle tissue and more IGF-1 being produced.

Together, these two behemoths provide the perfect training tool to push through the long workouts with better results. Where I had bulk before, I now have defined muscle. My biceps and triceps are wider, and the added definition is crazy.

Of course, results for men are always improved with a test booster…unfortunately, many test boosters are absolute garbage. Many don’t contain estrogen inhibitors or quality ingredients, which ends up with mood swings, a dead sex drive, or serious breakouts…all with no results.

Thor’s Hammer and ToddLeeMD.com Test Booster is an incredible test booster combo for an insane value. The key here is to cycle the two pieces of the puzzle. Take the ToddLeeMD.com Test Booster 2 days on, then one day off, but take Thor’s Hammer daily. Take right away in the morning on an empty stomach. Both are a blue raspberry flavor, which allows you to take them together without worrying about differing flavors.

Thor’s Hammer has a solid anti-estrogen complex in it that is made up of arimistane (androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione), ellagic acid, Resveratrol, and 7,8 Benzoflavone (helps boost testosterone while inhibiting prostaglandin), which helps raise testosterone levels, make luteinizing hormone levels go up, and stop testosterone from being converted to estrogen. This combo is extremely effective and I haven’t seen it used in any test booster before.

As an added benefit, agmatine sulfate (NO booster for pumps), L-Cartinine (turns fat into energy), kudzu (increases growth hormone and makes L-Carnitine more effective), Marus Alba (amplifies growth hormone), and calcium lactate (starts the whole test machine pumping when you take it).

ToddLeeMd.com Test Booster is a 3g mix of D-Aspartic acid (sodium D aspartate) and vitamin D3, which increase testosterone production from a testicular and glandular level.

Together, these two provide a noticeable increase in testosterone with no side effects. Sex drive also increases, workouts get way more productive, and muscle is added as a result. Your body then also produces less cortisol, which allows your body to burn whatever fat is left. When combined with Fenris Fury, workouts are INTENSE and physical benefits of the combo are noticed after only taking a few weeks.

At night, I tried Dragon Dreams, to help with my sleep issues. For those of you that don’t know, I was a radio DJ for years and was also working 1-2 other jobs to make ends meet (because radio pays horribly). This led to a lack of sleep, overindulgence in energy drinks, and an even greater inability to sleep. Weight gain then happened, and my health began to slide. When I got out of radio, I set out to change my personal health and professional life, and I have done that…but sleep issues have always plagued me.

I’ve tried a zillion sleep supplements. Straight 10mg melatonin just left me with headaches. Other powders gave me initial sleep but I ended up waking up repeatedly or getting up in the morning feeling like I was drunk. Dragon Dreams offers a sleep solution that allows me to fall asleep quickly, but stay asleep for a good 7 or 8 hours with no waking. I say “no waking”, and I mean if “undisturbed”…if my 2 year old son calls for me in the night, I can still get up and attend to him, but go right back to sleep within a minute or two of getting back into bed. It’s got a nice peach flavor and it mixes better than any other sleep powder I’ve tried.

So what’s in it?

GABA-Helps the brain relax…like seriously relax.

Arginine AKG-Helps get the GABA to the right place.

L-Citrulline-Converts to arginine to help wave 2.

Phenibut-kicks in later as a wave 2 of relaxation

Valerian Root and Lemon Balm-Helps keep GABA from converting away from its relaxation providing state.

L-Theanine-promotes relaxation and stress relief without drowsiness.

Kudzu-increases growth hormone while you slumber blissfully

Stinging Nettle-helps with pain relief, prostate function and a host of other things.

Melatonin-the relaxation hormone naturally produced by the body. Too much of this and you can get a headache, and too little and you’re wasting money…but Dragon Dreams has just the right amount to get a great night of sleep.

I can honestly say I have never fallen asleep so fast and never slept better as I have with Dragon Dreams. This stuff is practically pure magic.

Finally, I tried Wrath of the Valkyrie from Valhalla Labs, their fat burner/fat burning cream combo. I honestly didn’t have high expectations for this because I’ve tried fat burners in the past (even ephedra) and hadn’t seen results. I had even tried fat burning cream that was money down the drain…BUT, like the rest of Valhalla Labs’ lineup, this one proved effective. While many fat burners (like some test boosters out there) are underdosed or completely poorly formulated garbage, Wrath of the Valkyrie provides a unique formulation that leads to noticeable results.

I’ve always had some “insulation” on my midsection. No matter how hard I work on it with eating and exercise, I have never had a trim midsection with visible abs. Not even one ab, for that matter. Wrath of the Valkyrie is getting me closer than ever before and I anticipate I will see some abs by the time I am able to wear shorts. This isn’t a magic pill, which means you still need to exercise and eat right, but by doing just that and adding in Wrath of the Valkyrie, you should see results too.

The cream consists of Yohimbine HCL, which offers a gender targeted fat burn (mainly abs for men and hips/butt for women). It rubs in easily, is odorless, and gives good moisture too.

The pill part is a 3 stage (and NO crash) fat burn with ingredients such as T2 Diiodo-L-Thyronine (aids thyroid function without the need for super caffeination, making it a top of the line fat burner), more Yohimbine HCL (targeted fat burn), synephrine HCL (boosts energy and suppresses appetite), hesperidin (restricts fat accumulation), cayenne (helps speed up metabolism and decrease appetite), L-Carnitine (turns fat into energy), HMB (this preserves muscle while fat burning happens), and about a large coffee’s worth of caffeine and some teacrine, which provides an energy boost with no tolerance buildup. The result of this cream combo is remarkable. I just replaced the pants in my wardrobe last year and may have to do it again due to the loss of size in my mid-section. I also finally had someone say, “looks like you’re getting abs” for the first time EVER, which feels pretty good. Wrath of the Valkyrie is a top notch fat burner with no crash, steady energy all day long, and great results.

So there you have it. Valhalla Labs lineup of products (they also have vitamins and clothing available too, worth checking out). I really hope you give them a try by clicking here. I know you won’t be disappointed, they have been the best supplement line I have tried so far (and I’ve tried A TON). I can’t say enough about this brand…I was extremely fortunate to find them and hope you check them out.


Factually incorrect

I live my life by some pretty simple rules. I try to be a good person, I am always seeking to learn things, and I try look at the full set of facts before making a decision.

While I sometimes may be an emotional speaker or writer to get a point across, it bothers me when people only see one side of things during a discussion in order to make their point, and with today’s internet being what it is, I’ve built of a few dozen emails filled with rage about that people have sent me and I will lay them out now:

1. In her vegan rage email, Whitney wrote: “Why do you consume dairy? Nut and plant milk products are so much more healthy for you!”

Wrong. Dairy protein has the most absorbable nutrients, and has less impact on the environment. Nut milk and most plant milks (and related proteins), while tasty, are incredibly wasteful on the nuts & plants and water, and most of their nutrients are not fully absorbed by the body because they are chemically added. I understand if you have a dairy allergy or nut allergies why you’d avoid one or the other, but if you can have dairy, don’t avoid dairy proteins. Whey is simple the best post workout protein money can buy. I will never be a vegan though, as that would require me to give up meat. I live each day, knowing I get meat for dinner and many days that meat comes from big, farty, cows and I love it. Beef, not cow farts.

2. Anonymous wrote, “How can you be a conservative in this day and age? Don’t you know what you’re doing to the world?”

It’s true, I am a conservative. I am also pro-LGBT, anti-tax, pro-capitalism and certainly anti-socialism. I am also a loving Christian. I don’t hate anyone, and wouldn’t judge anyone for their political beliefs. I am not doing anything bad to this world by being conservative and there is definite evil on both sides of the political coin. Rather than being on the fringes, I feel people should meet in the middle and talk more about compromise and understanding.

3. Speaking of being a Christian, DVC wrote, “How can you believe in God when this world is going to hell around us?”

I just do. I also believe this world is only as bad as we think it is. Besides, if the world is indeed going to hell, don’t you think you’d want to be on the side that goes to Heaven?

4. PPM wrote, “Do you have a thing against fat people? It seems like much of your site is talking about health, as if fat people are unhealthy, and it sucks.”

While there are overweight people in this world that have healthy blood pressure and vitals, it is well-proven that being “over fat” and/or drastically overweight can take a toll on your heart, joints, liver, and even ability to fight certain cancers. I don’t have anything against people that are “over fat” or overweight at all…in fact, I hope some of them that are looking to improve their physique look to my site and others for motivation and information.

5. Dan wrote, “Your taste in music is a joke.”

Congrats Dan, your comment totally made me rethink my musical choices in life and I am now converting to being an avid listener of Justin Beiber, David Guetta, and Halsey. Just kidding. My music loving ears say you are just looking for an argument, and I am not playing along.

There are a ton more, but many of them seem to revolve around these topics and my pro-vaccine and “better living through chemistry” stance…but I am not opening that can of worms right now.

Review: Valhalla Labs Fenris Fury Preworkout

If you’re not familiar with Norse Mythology and you haven’t seen Thor: Ragnarok, let me clue you in on who Fenris is. Fenris, or Fenrir as he is sometimes called, is a child of Loki (a gift from Odin in the Ragnarok movie), and is a giant wolf who is virtually unstoppable and very, very powerful. How powerful? He is rumored to be able to one day swallow both the earth and sky (and Odin) in one mouthful.

So you may be wondering what does a powerful wolf have to do with a preworkout? Well, Valhalla Labs has brought forth the best and most power driven preworkout I’ve ever tried – Fenris Fury. It is pure intensity in a shaker.

Valhalla Labs products are designed by Dr Todd Lee, a medical doctor, biochemist, and IFBB champion, and they are precisely formulated for power and performance.

Yes, not only did he manage to get a degree in biochemistry AND become a Doctor of Medicine, he used whatever free time he had to win multiple IFBB and NPC championships. This means the supplements from Valahalla Labs are formulated by someone who not only knows how they work AND how to design the optimal formula, but also someone who exemplifies their effectiveness.

I’ve tried many, many, preworkouts over the years, and many have the exact same claim:

“Most Powerful” – many stack stimulant after stimulant to try to cause an energy boost that ends up with a jittery feeling and resulting crash. “Huge Pump” – many use trivial amounts of arginine or citrulline without precisely formulating them for an effective pump.

Like the mythological counterpart, Fenris Fury is made differently than the others and it really shows with every workout.

The sleeve tearing pump and increased NO production and blood flow is achieved through creatine monohydrate, arginine alpha ketoglutarate, citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate, and beet root extract. The result is a headache free workout with amazing cellular volumization.

The energy boost and fat burning comes from caffeine, taurine, Marus Alba (also known as white mulberry), Kudzu, Yohimbine HCL, and L-Carnitine. Caffeine and taurine provide the energy boost, while L-Carnitine Kudzu, Marus Alba do the fat burning and IGF-1 release. The bonus addition of yohimbine HCL does a gender-targeted fat burn (hips for women and abs for men).

The final two ingredients, betaine and beta alanine, reverse lactic acid buildup and signal muscle growth which result in less muscle fatigue and better muscle growth. More workout and less muscle fatigue? Yes please.

So the blend is fantastic, but how does it taste?

It tastes absolutely amazing. Some preworkouts just dump in a ton of flavoring and the result is an abomination of flavor overload. Fenris Fury has a fruit punch flavor that is drinkable and smooth, almost like a pink Starburst. It makes a preworkout enjoyable.

It mixes extremely well too. Many preworkouts leave what I call “snowballs” in the shaker…it’s essentially undissolved preworkout powder and it’s a waste of money and a waste of a workout. Fenris Fury mixes in seconds, even with a small amount of shaking or stirring. No snowballs on the side of the cup here.

But does it work? You’re damn right it does. I have been using it for almost a week now and every single workout has been a combination of maximum focus, increased power, and amazing tenacity. I have never had a better workout, and just when I think I am done for the day, my body begs for one more exercise and I feel like I could go all day. I get a fantastic workout time and time again without the super jittery and “cracked out” feeling that some preworkouts give. If you go into your workouts carb-free, which I also recommend, the fat burning capabilities increase tremendously.

All in all, Fenris Fury has set the bar high for any preworkout. I know I won’t be buying anything else.

Check it out here and read more of the science behind it, by clicking on the picture:

I will be reviewing more Valhalla Labs product in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


Why I don’t do much for video…

While doing supplement reviews, I was often asked if I’d consider doing a video review. My most often used response was, “I don’t typically do those, but I’d consider it.”.

The excitement over video reviews has died down a bit until recently, when a bunch of supplement companies began contacting me to specifically do video reviews on their products. Rather than put my usual response, I began to say no, and sent them these links:



That’s right, videos often have misrepresented view counts, so why would I waste time editing and re-editing a video, ensuring the lighting is good, getting “action shots”, etc., when views aren’t real and I can easily type out everything and take a few quality pictures instead?

I know online marketers do videos on Instagram and FB and some don’t require product shots, “action shots”, or well-lit/professional quality video, but it seems like even if I did a video, the company’s expectations are tainted and it seems dishonest for me to do that to anyone.

Instagram has a similar problem and some users with thousands of followers have up to 80% less when spam accounts are removed. Spam accounts are typically seen as the accounts with no pictures, an odd name, and no posts, but they can also look like real people too. I actively monitor my Instagram and deny or report and remove spam accounts daily or weekly.

You may be thinking that page views on a blog can be inflated too, which is correct, but it’s harder to do than with video. In fact, WordPress offers unique view stats, which is a much more accurate statistic than video views. Blogger has a similar feature.

I want to be honest in representing myself with any vendor, so for me and for now, video stuff is best left off of the table, until the tech companies can fix it.


Who do you trust?

Tb wrote


I just found your site and I am still working back to the beginning, but there seems to be a lot of good information here. Have you always been into fitness or how did you get into it? I am always surprised that there are so many places to look for fitness information, but I am wondering how I should go about determining which are the best sources to believe in. Any tips?



You’re right, there are tons of places to find fitness information. My motto is, if someone is calling themselves a fitness professional after just getting started, or posting workout videos with bad form, they are not someone you should be getting your information from.

I see so many people on Instagram flapping their arms trying to do shoulder exercises, people rocking at the hip when doing dumbbell arm work, or doing back exercises and saying they are working their chest muscles, and frankly, it’s pretty pathetic. There is nothing wrong with getting fit and posting videos or pics of progress, but don’t try to teach other people something that is incorrect.

If you’re looking for people to follow on Instagram, I’d recommend any IFBB or NPC pro, a hardcore supplement site that posts tips and videos (no Advocare or GNC stuff), or someone that is certified and has several years or more of experience. Don’t follow any supplement company that markets supplements for video game playing either…they’re a joke.

I follow some pretty reputable fitness people on my Instagram. I’d trust their tips/advice/videos over most. I am no professional myself, but I’ve been doing this for nine years. I’ve had my ups and downs along the way, but I try to always recommend good practices and no crash dieting.