Never Alone

ForeverAlone wrote:

I am new to your site but I am hoping you can help.  I think I am cursed to be forever alone.  I am 19, almost 20, and I have only had two serious relationships, but I have been unlucky and single for a year now.  No one wants to be with me.  Am I going to just have a string of one night stands for my entire life?



Welcome to my site.  You should know I keep it honest around here.  That said, you’re young and quite naïve if you think you should find “the one” by 19.

First, it is healthy to be alone once in awhile.  You should NEVER jump from one relationship to another.  Doing so just increases the chance of failure because you haven’t given yourself time to grow emotionally from the last one.

Secondly, if you’re just sleeping with people and hoping it gets serious, you’re flat out an idiot and no one wants to date the woman that just sleeps with every guy she meets. Build the relationship before intimacy and you will have a firmer foundation.  It seems like the younger generation today is quick to physical and rushing to love, then surprised when things go wrong.  Don’t rush things.  A relationship is like a nice rack of ribs…the good ones take time as well as the right ingredients.

Relax.  Enjoy being alone.  Work on yourself. If you hit 33 and you haven’t had a serious relationship, email me and I will apologize for bad advice.  I am guessing you will find the right guy before that.



Don’t get offended..

Anonymous wrote:

I am offended that you promote supplements and talk about health in the same posting.  I feel the only way to live a healthy life is to be free of man made products and the fact you feel supplements are “healthy” is disturbing.  There is not one supplement out there that has not been man made.  Shame on you. Healthy is truely healthy.


Do you mean to tell me my pink colored Ubervita RocT preworkout doesn’t get harvested from a mountain top?  Damn.

First off, you’re right.  Supplements are man made…but it doesn’t mean they are bad (to everyone but you).  Some are very artificial, but many, if not most, strive to put natural ingredients into what they make and supplements as a whole help us live better and healthier lives.

(To clarify this next part up front, I am not talking about racial/sexual/gender discrimination here…I think discussion is always good on those topics to further a unified understanding. You don’t have to like it, you just need to understand it.)

Secondly, I don’t really care if you’re offended.  If seems today like everyone wants everyone else to change when they feel offended.  I say screw that.  People are increasingly wanting the things they say, hear, and do to be “their way” or they get offended.  If you don’t like people eating meat, don’t go where people eat meat.  If you don’t like people wearing fur, stay away from them.  If you don’t like a restaurant’s way of sourcing their food, don’t go there.

Life isn’t a Subway sandwich.  Sometimes, you just get what you get, whether you like it or not.  If you don’t like what you see, hear, or do, don’t be a part of it. You may be offended by this, but in today’s world , our opinion is better understood by where we choose to spend your money than where we complain.

Congratulations on your non-man-made material life.  No cereal, no milk, no chips, no bars, no beer or wine, no deodorant, no bedsheets, no house.  Its all man made, so I imagine you avoid them..and it has all made you a very productive member of society if you troll websites just to spout off your opinion.

Life is better spent enjoying the things we love than complaining about the things we hate.


Supplement Review: Six Nutrition

Six Nutrition sent some supplements to review and I have to say, they were amazing.  I sampled their Hydra hydration drinks, their Energy supplement, their Mela-Luna Sleep Supplement, and the multi-vitamins for Men.


I started with Hydra, the hydration drinks (both flavors).  These aren’t your typical taste-like-garbage-even-though-it’s-good-for-you drink and they aren’t your sugar-laden Gatorade either.  Razor Raspberry is the energy blend with yerba mate, green tea caffeine, and Vitamin B. The flavor is the best raspberry flavored drink I’ve tried and it is light and easy to drink.  Tropical Staredown is the focus blend and it was my favorite of the two.  It’s also not a syrupy or heavy drink and it has Siberian Ginseng, yerba mate, and ginko biloba to help maintain focus.  You don’t have to be a weightlifter or hardcore athlete to benefit from these products either..they are great for anyone to use anytime.  Did I mention they have zero sugar and only 5 calories per serving?  Yeah!  This is definitely one hydration drink worth checking out.


I tried the sleep formula (my leg issues are nothing to laugh at…I have to do what I can) for a few evenings and it was also a great experience.  Not only is it gluten free and paleo friendly, it also really works well.  In fact, I haven’t found a better night’s sleep with any other supplement.The mix of melatonin and B6 comes in a quick dissolving orange flavored tiny pill.  Who knew a solid night’s sleep could come in the form of something so tiny?

The energy supplement was more than I expected as well.  It is a zero calorie capsule of guarana, green tea, kelp, ginger root, and grape seed extract blended with 18 probiotics.  It’s a perfect way to have steady energy just by improving metabolism.  It doesn’t make you jittery, there is no crash, just pure, regular, day-long energy.


Finally, the Men’s multi-vitamin provided everything I’d been looking for in a vitamin.  This multi isn’t just a bunch of stuff thrown together in the hopes of improving someone’s health…it is designed by matching vitamins to six main areas: Heart (Co Q-10/Arginine/Folic Acid/Vitamin D), Joint (Glucosamine/Vitamin E/Vitamin D/Olive Oil/Astaxanthin-my favorite anti-inflammatory that can also benefit your eyes and brain), Energy (the energy blend from above), Muscles (Arginine/Astaxanthin/Folic Acid/Glutamine), Mind (electrolytes/B Vitamins/Green Tea extract) and Sexual Health (Saw Palmetto/Arginine/Pumpkin Seed/Pygeum Africanum Bark which helps the kidneys and prostate).  Add these to a multivitamin that is packed with the vitamins and minerals your body needs and you have one incredible multi.  I am hooked.  I still have another multi that I was (yes…was) taking before Six Nutrition came along and I won’t be going back.

Six Nutrition isn’t just for men either.  There is a women’s multi, women’s arginine, and omega-3 capsules (for anyone) as well.  Six Nutrition is really about complete nutritional approach.  You can check them out here.   I am certainly glad I tried Six Nutrition…I know you will be too.

New format/5 years!

So due to errors on the backend side of the site, I’ve had to change my format yet again.  Since I’m making another change, I’ve also decided to combine it with the kick off for my 5th year of Minnesodad!

Yes, it’s been 5 whole years, and I hope you’ve enjoyed every post (or at least a few).

Here are some interesting facts about the last 5 years of Minnesodad:

Interesting facts:

*Olivia was 5 (almost 6) when I started.  She’s grown 15 inches since then.

*13,000 visitors were from the US last year.  Well over 14000 in total.
*None from China the Congo, or Chad.  Rats.  What is it with the C countries? Chile’s viewing Minnesodad..don’t you others want to be like Chile?
*Highest US state for viewing was Alaska.  I’m making that up.  People have better things to do in Alaska than view my blog..staying warm is probably one of them.
*Namibia had one person check out the blog.  Apparently the only guy in Namibia with internet likes my blog.
*Idaho.  Someone there probably viewed my blog, but I can’t see to that level, so I just said Idaho to get someone in Idaho to view this.  I’ll even tag #Idaho below.  Potato.
*When I started this blog, I was 262lbs (2009).  I dropped down to 207 and went back up to 240.  I am 230 now and dropping again.  I went from chubby to thin (no muscle), to bulky (muscle and creatine bloat), and I’m on the way to cut and lean.  It’s been interesting to see the changes.
*I’ve had 3 of the four big cellphone providers while doing this blog.
*I’ve been through 7 pairs of gym shoes while doing this blog.
*I’ve run/treadmilled/rowed approximately 1700 miles since starting my blog.
*I’ve gone from “at least a pop or sugary beverage a day habit” to coffee, water, milk, and the occasional energy drink.  Drinking periods not counted…love my Lost Island rum and coke and a good martini.
*I’ve consumed about 180lbs of protein powder since starting this blog. That may seem like a ton, but believe me, it’s light.
*I’ve spent around 600 hours at the gym since starting this blog.  I’ve also been a member of 4 gyms during this time.
I’ve met so many new people, made so many great friends, and had some great adventures along the way.  I’m glad you could join me for a few.  Stick around..there is more to come.

5 years strong

Just an update, I am coming up on 5 years with the blog.  I started at Blogspot before moving here (and changing the name to Minnesodad) and I have been going strong ever since.

I started with mainly editorials and advice, but I’ve expanded the features on Minnesodad to include recipes, restaurant reviews, supplement reviews, and tech and food reviews as well.  With the way things are going, I can see some good things for the future.

The blog also included some heartbreak early on, but after 5 years, I’ve found the right woman and am happily married.  The posts have slowed down a bit as I adjust my life to the married side of things.  I’ve also started a re-re-transformation of my physical self and, along with my wife, have started to tear things up at the gym. I should have some good posts coming on that topic soon.

Some of you have been with me since day one, and I certainly appreciate all of your support and attention.  It’s people like you that have made this blog what it is.  If you’re new here (72 countries are now reading my blog), I’d like to welcome you and I’d encourage you to read back through all of the older blog posts to get caught up.  Whether you’re a noob or a veteran, I’d encourage you to comment on any post you’d like, to email me whatever you’d like, and to suggest things you hope to see on the blog.  After all, I am here for you..and because of you.

Thanks again!

More to come!


My Christmas Wish for you.

I’d personally love to buy all of my readers a tablet, but, seeing as how no tablet maker could afford to give away that many tablets, I’m giving you a “wish” instead.

My wish for you:

When a celebrity, sports figure, or some random person on the internet decides to speak their opinion (and assuming the opinion isn’t directly hateful or threatening), my wish for you is that you simply refuse to “give a sh*t” about it.  If a religious nutjob wants to misquote scripture, let him look like an idiot.  If a senator wants to Tweet his “I’m sexy” mirror-pic, don’t look at the pic.  If a celeb rants about how stupid something is, let it go.

2013 is the year that everything became a massive e-backlash.  People all across the internet became enraged at things that didn’t even happen to them directly.  They started boycott campaigns, they participated in hateful email campaigns, and they simply put their nose in where it didn’t belong.  It’s not our fault as citizens of Earth to right everyone’s wrongs.  If someone makes a mistake, it doesn’t need to be news (there are WAY more important things out there).  If it didn’t happen TO YOU DIRECTLY, take all of that time you’re spending getting upset and composing a nasty email and put the energy into something positive and productive.

We all want to be involved in things, I get that..but if our involvement is simply to jump on a bandwagon of negativity and hatred, we should all be taking a good hard look in the mirror and figuring out why we feel the need to be a part of things like that.

Take this into 2014.  Stop making “flaps” about everything and just let idiots be idiots.  Quit making everything a bigger deal than it should be.


P.S.  If you’re looking for a gift for me, the Amazon Wishlist is above..otherwise, I need more K-Cups for my Kuerig and some Deschutes Chainbreaker beer.  🙂


Sorry for the lack of posts everyone, we are just starting the week of our wedding today and have been quite busy.  With the wedding and honeymoon less than a week away, I will post a few when I can..and I may even post random pictures of the big day after things settle down.

Stay tuned!