Supplement Review: True Solution Protein

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I honestly can’t give this protein enough praise.  Not only is it an all natural 17 grams of protein…it’s also free of dairy, soy, nuts, gluten, and eggs.  Yes, this is a plant protein made up of pea protein, rice,  inulin fiber, cane sugar, and 23 vitamins and minerals.  It’s also real cane sugar (and it is ONLY 10g of sugar for moms looking for a healthy snack for kids)!

As I said in my last post, I haven’t been a fan of pea proteins because they were usually grainy, but True Solution Protein is not at all grainy..the texture is creamy and the taste is delicious.  My wife (who has Celiac disease for those who are new to the blog) liked the chocolate, and Olivia loved “both of them” but “especially vanilla”.  True Solution makes a great snack because they are filling, nutritious, and easy to drink (even at room temperature!).


I was very impressed by True Solution.  It doesn’t have the junky fillers that some RTD (ready to drink) proteins have, the taste is top notch, and it has more fiber and less sugar than most of the RTD’s I’ve seen.  Topped off with great vanilla and chocolate flavors, it’s one protein that is right for anyone looking to have the perfect take-along drink to get them through their day.  The only thing I’d hope for is a larger drink with more protein for people used to the 30-40g protein drinks.  Hopefully we’ll see that in the future.  As far as the current lineup, you can find more information and shop here.  True Solution is my new favorite new RTD and I am convinced it’ll be yours too.



Product Review: ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Natural Protein Bar



I recently had the opportunity to try ANSI’s Gourmet Cheesecake Protein Bar (I had the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor) and it was a certainly a tasty treat, post-workout.  The 20g protein bar is soy free, low carb, has no sugar alcohols, high fiber, and gluten free!  The bar is chewy without being hard (protein bar fans will know what I mean here), and it doesn’t crumble while you eat it, which is nice too.

As far as the flavor is concerned, the cheesecake flavor is nearly dead on.  It’s a little sweeter than actual cheesecake, but it was delicious chocolatey/peanut buttery greatness in each bite and the two other flavors (Strawberry and Cookie Dough) seem like winners too.  Check out ANSI Gourmet Cheesecake Natural Protein Bars here!

Product Review: Elevate Me Bars and Oatmeal


Goooooood stuff.
Goooooood stuff.


I am a big fan of energy and protein bars.  I eat four to five meals per day and at least one of them is a protein/energy bar because it fills me up and gives me the nutrients I need.  Elevate Me bars go beyond the normal protein/energy bar and are gluten free, high fiber, cold-formed, have no artificial sweeteners, are 24% protein, and they taste amazing.  I tried all 8 flavors: Apple Strawberry, Cranberry-Blueberry-Goji Berry, Coconut Cocoa, Cocoa Acai Berry, Banana Almond, Cranberry Matcha Green Tea, Cocoa Espresso, and the All-Fruit Original and I have to say they are all fantastic.  The Cranberry Matcha Green Tea was delicious and Olivia’s favorite, I liked the “banana bread” flavor of the Banana Almond, and the Cocoa Espresso paired perfectly with a morning coffee.  The bars are only 230 calories and make a perfect before-gym snack or a nice mid-afternoon mini meal.


If you’re looking for a breakfast that will fill you up and you’re out of Elevate Me bars, you can always pick up some Elevate Me Wheat Free Oatmeal.  It’s not your sugar laden kid flavored oatmeal with gummi pieces…this is all around healthy stuff and it tastes great.  I added a dash of agave syrup to mine and each morning, had a filling breakfast in just one easy to make cup of oatmeal.  The oatmeal has 10g of protein per serving and comes in three great flavors:  Tropical Fruit Chia, Very Berry Chia, and Cocoa Coconut Chia (my favorite).

Elevate Me bars and oatmeal offer a healthy alternative in the world of bars and oatmeal.  You can see more about their product (and pick some up) here.  Enjoy!

This bugs me.

Anonymous wrote:
My wife eats weird food and I am okay with it.  The issue is, my family isn’t.  Shortly after we married three years ago, she became an entomophage or insectivore, which means she eats insects.  She doesn’t eat meat, she rarely consumes dairy, and she eats veggies-but usually with insects in them.  I don’t practice this, but I love her, so it’s no big deal to me.
The issue comes when we go to my parents’ houses (they’re divorced) for holidays and she brings her own food because she doesn’t eat meat.  Everyone at the table is usually grossed out and they’ve all started to ask me to request that my wife leave the bugs at home, but I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do.  I understand it’s not a health issue like celiac disease or a religious issue, but how do I tell her she can’t eat the foods that she wants to eat?  Do I tell her or do I just tell my relatives to tough it out?
"Cricket almond green beans? Hurrrrgggghh!"
“Cricket almond green beans? Hurrrrgggghh!”
It’s a toughy here anonymous.  As much as she enjoys it, this isn’t something that is as widely accepted as being a vegan or a vegetarian because it’s not a matter of only eating certain foods, it’s a matter of eating things that the vast majority of people don’t even consider food.  On one hand, I’d say since your wife eats veggies and the occasional dairy food, it’d be acceptable to ask her to leave the bugs at home for a day and eat some veggies (does she eat dessert??) for the day since there is no health or religious issue at risk here.  On the other hand, why not compromise and have her prepare her own dish where there are no visible bugs and bring that to see if the issue was perhaps visible insects at the table.  I found several recipes for insect dishes that use ground or sliced insects and from the pictures, you can’t even tell you’re eating bugs.  If she doesn’t have recipes like this, I can send you a few, just ask.  If that fails (or it turns out that ANY bugs at the table are not permitted), you can always ask your relatives to tough it out if all else fails, but this seems to be more of an issue that is the result of a conscious eating choice and not a health or religious concern, so I’d say the burden falls on you and your wife.  Whether that burden is a different method of preparing the food or leaving the bugs at home for a day is up to you.

Supplement Review: Legion Supplements’ “Pulse”

Yes, please.

I recently tried Pulse from Legion Supplements and I’ll definitely be adding this to my list of favorite preworkouts.  Not only does the fruit punch flavor taste great, it mixes EXTREMELY well and doesn’t make the skin “over-tingle” with the beta-alanine.  Pulse is a much-needed addition to the preworkout arena.

I took a half dose the first day of the trial, then the recommended dose the second (while my wife also tried some), and a 1.5 dose the third day.  All three doses provided steady energy and a push that reduced fatigue all of the way through my workout.  Even with the 1.5 dose, I didn’t feel over-stimulated or too tingly (beta-alanine can make the skin tingle from time to time).  I even found myself (in my HIIT phase) sprinting on the treadmill for the first time in two years without even skipping a beat when I got back to the weights.

Fruit Punch wasn’t sour, just a little tangy and not too sweet, which I like.  I can’t stand some products that make you feel like you’ve just downed toxic waste or others that make your tongue feel like you’ve eaten a pound of sugar.  Overall, the flavor was very pleasing.  It’s naturally sweetened with Stevia, has no artificial dyes or extra fillers.  All in all, it’s a solid product.

So what makes it so good? Just look at the label.  It’s packed with beta-alanine (increases carnosine level to reduce muscle fatigue), L-citrulline (reduces fatigue and boost blood flow), theanine (NO Boost), L-ornithine (reduces fatigue and increases fat burning), and some caffeine to boot.


I’d recommend Pulse to anyone whether you’re new to the gym and looking for a boost to take you to the next level or you’re an “seasoned pro” that is sick of your old formula preworkout.  The best part is that Pulse is certified gluten free according to the manufacturer and their other products are going through the testing phase soon to get the same certification.  You can check out Pulse and all of the other Legion Supplements here.  I’m hoping to get my hands on their protein soon.  With a preworkout as great as Pulse, their protein has to be outstanding.



Supplement Review: AI Sports Nutrition


I recently checked out a selection of products from AI Sports Nutrition and I was relatively impressed with their performance.  I started with the 3z sleep aid and found it to be very effective in getting a full night’s sleep.  It’s got valerian root, magnolia bark, passion flower, magnesium and zinc, GABA and bacopa.  I could go into great detail about how great these ingredients are in helping provide a good night’s sleep, but I’ll keep it short…they just work well together and I slept like a baby without feeling groggy in the morning.

The next day, instead of my morning coffee, I tried the Magic Matcha green tea with some honey and milk.  Matcha tea has always been my favorite tea but I have had trouble finding an affordable matcha tea powder that doesn’t clump or taste extremely bitter (or cost me my house to buy it).  Magic Matcha is not only one of the most affordable matcha powders around, it also mixes well and tastes great!  I may have to rethink coffee as my favorite morning drink!

For my afternoon workout, I used a Turbo Stix energy boost before hitting the weights.  The energy boost is equivalent to an energy shot/drink and it tasted much better than I expected.  It was also easy to pack and take, just rip open the pack and pour it in your mouth like a Pixie Stick.  While the energy boost was good, I’d actually recommend their actual pre-workout before training because it has several other ingredients that can assist in powering a complete workout.

After my workout, I used the Recover Pro recovery drink which is a BCAA blend of L=Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine is an delicious red raspberry flavor.  I’d advise taking this in addition to your post-workout protein for an added benefit and a faster recovery.

I also had a chance to try the Reds and Greens drink powder which is a full blend of your daily fruits and veggies.  Just look at the label, it’s loaded!  It mixed very well and tasted great.  I’d even add a splash of apple juice and give it a sweet boost.


AI Sports Nutrition has a ton of other supplements which range from the Perform Sexual Performance booster, HGH Pro that stimulates lean muscle growth,  Life Support which supports liver health and may lower cholesterol, and the No Whey! Protein (which is, as the name says, a whey-free protein made with rice and pea protein).  There are a ton of other products as well and you can check them all out here.  AI Sports Nutrition has a great lineup.  Enjoy!

The bar you will Krave!


I tried Krave Bars from Pure Fitness Nutrition and I have to say this bar is outstanding in both flavor and texture.  The bar is soft without being gummy or grainy, chewy and not hard, and the flavors are dead on for the flavor they say they are.  Krave Bars come in 6 delicious flavors:  Banana Nut Chocolate Chip, French Toast, Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Baked Apple Pie, and Raw Cookie Dough.

Now with “Raw Cookie Dough” as a flavor, you may be wondering if these bars are gluten free…they certainly are!  In addition to being gluten free, they also use high quality whey and milk protein (20 grams!), have no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup, and they’re low in non-fiber carbs.  On top of that, these bars are made fresh each week!  The Raw Cookie Dough flavor is also a special treat if partially frozen like I used to do with cookie dough.  The French Toast is also a good breakfast bar, with the sweet flavor and a cup of coffee.

You can buy Krave Bars here, and you’ll also want to check out the men’s and women’s preworkouts.  I haven’t tried them yet, but I look forward to trying it out.  With the flavor that the bars have, I’d bet the preworkout is also amazing.  I’ve tried more than my fair share of protein bars and so far, this one is my favorite by a mile.

Try them and enjoy!