Supplement review: Valhalla Labs PT 2

“I am impressed beyond belief.”

That is what I told someone who asked me how the supplements from Valhalla Labs are going with me.

Awhile back, I reviewed Fenris Fury preworkout from Valhalla Labs and it is, hands down, the best preworkout I’ve ever used, which made me more interested in trying the rest of the product line.

Typically, a supplement manufacturer makes one or two supplements well, and the rest of the line is substandard, but is there to keep drawing people back to the “all stars”. Valhalla Labs line is all around fantastic and I’ll walk through the awesomeness right now.

1. Battle Mead Intra and Battle Mead Post – Both of these have an apple cider type of flavor that tastes great, and the results are great. They are sold together and you should take them together, and they are a great value.

Battle Mead Intra is unlike many other Intras because it doesn’t contain a boatload of carbs, but IS loaded with other ingredients that provide better results by driving more blood and nutrients into muscle cells. I have 15-18% body fat that I am working to lose and have struggled for years to get rid of it. I can gain muscle like a madman, but I have struggled to lose fat, and it may because I’d been carb boosting before or during a workout like I’d been taught to do. I even had a trainer once suggest I take a handful of gummy bears or skittles mid-workout along with an intra-drink. It turns out it’s a bad practice. Battle Mead Intra, with R-Ala (helps with muscle synthesis), cinnamon (assists in glucose transportation), chromium p (raises glucose sensitivity), vanadyl sulfate (helps glucose synthesis when resting), glutamine (prevents muscle deterioration), and isoleucine (it’s like a snowplow of carbs into muscle tissue), promotes some serious muscle synthesis. Taurine, creatine and a 2:1 Glucose-dextrose blend prevent muscle cramping and create muscle engorgement. It’s a perfect blend that took years to make, but it’s well-made and it shows in the results. It mixes well, and there are some snowballs in the shaker when taking this but that’s to be expected with an intraworkout.

Battle Mead Post is very similar in ingredients to Intra, but it has Leucine without Isoleucine (they work better independently) and some sucrose that provides the insulin surge post workout, which is the time you need it. The result is more dextrose being funneled to the muscle tissue and more IGF-1 being produced.

Together, these two behemoths provide the perfect training tool to push through the long workouts with better results. Where I had bulk before, I now have defined muscle. My biceps and triceps are wider, and the added definition is crazy.

Of course, results for men are always improved with a test booster…unfortunately, many test boosters are absolute garbage. Many don’t contain estrogen inhibitors or quality ingredients, which ends up with mood swings, a dead sex drive, or serious breakouts…all with no results.

Thor’s Hammer and Test Booster is an incredible test booster combo for an insane value. The key here is to cycle the two pieces of the puzzle. Take the Test Booster 2 days on, then one day off, but take Thor’s Hammer daily. Take right away in the morning on an empty stomach. Both are a blue raspberry flavor, which allows you to take them together without worrying about differing flavors.

Thor’s Hammer has a solid anti-estrogen complex in it that is made up of arimistane (androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione), ellagic acid, Resveratrol, and 7,8 Benzoflavone (helps boost testosterone while inhibiting prostaglandin), which helps raise testosterone levels, make luteinizing hormone levels go up, and stop testosterone from being converted to estrogen. This combo is extremely effective and I haven’t seen it used in any test booster before.

As an added benefit, agmatine sulfate (NO booster for pumps), L-Cartinine (turns fat into energy), kudzu (increases growth hormone and makes L-Carnitine more effective), Marus Alba (amplifies growth hormone), and calcium lactate (starts the whole test machine pumping when you take it). Test Booster is a 3g mix of D-Aspartic acid (sodium D aspartate) and vitamin D3, which increase testosterone production from a testicular and glandular level.

Together, these two provide a noticeable increase in testosterone with no side effects. Sex drive also increases, workouts get way more productive, and muscle is added as a result. Your body then also produces less cortisol, which allows your body to burn whatever fat is left. When combined with Fenris Fury, workouts are INTENSE and physical benefits of the combo are noticed after only taking a few weeks.

At night, I tried Dragon Dreams, to help with my sleep issues. For those of you that don’t know, I was a radio DJ for years and was also working 1-2 other jobs to make ends meet (because radio pays horribly). This led to a lack of sleep, overindulgence in energy drinks, and an even greater inability to sleep. Weight gain then happened, and my health began to slide. When I got out of radio, I set out to change my personal health and professional life, and I have done that…but sleep issues have always plagued me.

I’ve tried a zillion sleep supplements. Straight 10mg melatonin just left me with headaches. Other powders gave me initial sleep but I ended up waking up repeatedly or getting up in the morning feeling like I was drunk. Dragon Dreams offers a sleep solution that allows me to fall asleep quickly, but stay asleep for a good 7 or 8 hours with no waking. I say “no waking”, and I mean if “undisturbed”…if my 2 year old son calls for me in the night, I can still get up and attend to him, but go right back to sleep within a minute or two of getting back into bed. It’s got a nice peach flavor and it mixes better than any other sleep powder I’ve tried.

So what’s in it?

GABA-Helps the brain relax…like seriously relax.

Arginine AKG-Helps get the GABA to the right place.

L-Citrulline-Converts to arginine to help wave 2.

Phenibut-kicks in later as a wave 2 of relaxation

Valerian Root and Lemon Balm-Helps keep GABA from converting away from its relaxation providing state.

L-Theanine-promotes relaxation and stress relief without drowsiness.

Kudzu-increases growth hormone while you slumber blissfully

Stinging Nettle-helps with pain relief, prostate function and a host of other things.

Melatonin-the relaxation hormone naturally produced by the body. Too much of this and you can get a headache, and too little and you’re wasting money…but Dragon Dreams has just the right amount to get a great night of sleep.

I can honestly say I have never fallen asleep so fast and never slept better as I have with Dragon Dreams. This stuff is practically pure magic.

Finally, I tried Wrath of the Valkyrie from Valhalla Labs, their fat burner/fat burning cream combo. I honestly didn’t have high expectations for this because I’ve tried fat burners in the past (even ephedra) and hadn’t seen results. I had even tried fat burning cream that was money down the drain…BUT, like the rest of Valhalla Labs’ lineup, this one proved effective. While many fat burners (like some test boosters out there) are underdosed or completely poorly formulated garbage, Wrath of the Valkyrie provides a unique formulation that leads to noticeable results.

I’ve always had some “insulation” on my midsection. No matter how hard I work on it with eating and exercise, I have never had a trim midsection with visible abs. Not even one ab, for that matter. Wrath of the Valkyrie is getting me closer than ever before and I anticipate I will see some abs by the time I am able to wear shorts. This isn’t a magic pill, which means you still need to exercise and eat right, but by doing just that and adding in Wrath of the Valkyrie, you should see results too.

The cream consists of Yohimbine HCL, which offers a gender targeted fat burn (mainly abs for men and hips/butt for women). It rubs in easily, is odorless, and gives good moisture too.

The pill part is a 3 stage (and NO crash) fat burn with ingredients such as T2 Diiodo-L-Thyronine (aids thyroid function without the need for super caffeination, making it a top of the line fat burner), more Yohimbine HCL (targeted fat burn), synephrine HCL (boosts energy and suppresses appetite), hesperidin (restricts fat accumulation), cayenne (helps speed up metabolism and decrease appetite), L-Carnitine (turns fat into energy), HMB (this preserves muscle while fat burning happens), and about a large coffee’s worth of caffeine and some teacrine, which provides an energy boost with no tolerance buildup. The result of this cream combo is remarkable. I just replaced the pants in my wardrobe last year and may have to do it again due to the loss of size in my mid-section. I also finally had someone say, “looks like you’re getting abs” for the first time EVER, which feels pretty good. Wrath of the Valkyrie is a top notch fat burner with no crash, steady energy all day long, and great results.

So there you have it. Valhalla Labs lineup of products (they also have vitamins and clothing available too, worth checking out). I really hope you give them a try by clicking here. I know you won’t be disappointed, they have been the best supplement line I have tried so far (and I’ve tried A TON). I can’t say enough about this brand…I was extremely fortunate to find them and hope you check them out.


Supplement Review: Hydrolagen

I recently had a chance to review Hydrolagen and I must say, it definitely worked for me.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, our joints lose flexibility and begin to ache, our hair loses luster, and we begin to have issues with blood flow.

Hydrolagen is hydrolyzed collagen in a powder form and it can potentially fix those symptoms. Hydrolagen contains a unique blend of non-essential amino acids (amino acids that are synthesized in the body but produced less regularly as we age) along with vitamin C and B to help repair connective tissue, improve joint flexibility, repair hair/skin/nails, and even increase libido.

I will be honest, Hydrolagen’s vanilla flavor was a bit too strong on its own, but it blended well with protein and made for a great smoothie with a multitude of fruit combinations. It mixes well, has no clumping, and made my joints feel great. After four or five days of taking Hydrolagen, I also noticed my flexibility improving. I can’t wait to see how things are when I finish all of the container.

I’d recommend Hydrolagen to anyone looking to add a worthwhile supplement to their diet. Check them out here.


Tech Review: LG G Pad 7inch.

My laptop died in fall and I came to the realization that I fall into the tablet user category more than the laptop user category. Sure, I use a laptop for work, but in my personal life, I am more content driven than anything. I am not a hardcore gamer, I don’t use graphic editing tools for anything, and I mainly need something on which I can answer emails, write my blog posts, and watch my Amazon Prime. Now, I could do some of that on my phone, but sometimes, I just need a bigger screen and better processing power than a phone can offer.

7 and 10 inch
7 and 10 inch

The LG G Pad I had a chance to try was an awesome treat. I tried the 7 inch version, but it also comes in a 10 inch version as well, if you want an even bigger screen. It features LG’s Knock On technology that let’s you tap the screen to wake it up. Having this on my LG Phone is amazingly handy and I found it just as handy on a tablet. Once the screen goes to sleep, just knock twice to wake the screen and you’re up and running again.

download (2)

The screen is responsive and setup is user friendly. Olivia was able to get logged in and ready to go within minutes and we were watching YouTube videos seconds later. The clarity on the 7″ IPS display is outstanding too. Colors are vivid and crisp, even with fast motion. The quad core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon allows for good video playback with no lag either, so even gaming looks great.

Apparently my phone doesn't do justice for this awesome screen.
Apparently my phone’s camera doesn’t do justice for this awesome screen.

Another great thing about the LG G Pad is the battery life. In a world where tablets are plentiful, the battery life on the G Pad really sets it above other tablets I have seen. Right out of the box, the LG G Pad provided over 6 hours of solid use. After charging, it was a good 9 full hours of video playing before the 4000mAh battery needed another charge. On standby, it can even last up to 29 days!

Yes, my phone is named McDonalds.
Yes, my phone is named McDonalds.

One really cool feature of the LG G Pad is Q Pair…the ability to pair your tablet with your phone’s different features (above). Left your phone upstairs while you watch Shrek with the kids on the main floor? No biggie. Once paired with your phone, texts and calls come right to the tablet so you can remain productive while you get entertained.


Speaking of productive, there is also a dual screen option that allows you to snap two different apps to each half of the screen. You can take notes on Romeo and Juliet while you watch it on the other half of your screen, or you can text while you Skype. The possibilities are endless!


The ONLY thing I found wasn’t as good as I hoped is the overall volume of the tablet. It was great while holding it, but when I set it down, it seemed pretty muted. I fixed the issue by plugging it into my soundbar, but if I was using it while I got dressed in the morning, it may not be loud enough just sitting on the dresser.

This tablet offers quite a bit for a quite a low cost. The tablet is $149 for the 7″ and $249 for the 10″, so it won’t break the bank, but you still get some great features. If the onboard 8gb storage isn’t enough, you can also pop in another microSD card for up to 32gb extra storage. All in all, the LG G Pad is worth every cent.

Check it out at Best Buy or by clicking here.



Supplement Review: Altius

Jacked Factory’s Altius may just be the best new preworkout on the market.  With a great Mixed Berry flavor, clinically proven ingredients and doses, and a mixability that can’t be beat, this is one preworkout worth a try.

Altius mixes so well, it is almost magic.  Every time I prepped it, all I had to do was put the powder in the shaker, add water, and give it one or two shakes and it was ready to go.  Even with just one or two shakes, it was smooth and all of the powder particles were mixed into the drink.

The Mixed Berry Blast flavor is also great.  It is a nice change from the typical artificial berry flavors used in some drinks, and its not overly sweet or tangy. 

Altius uses no artificial dyes or sweeteners, no fillers, and all ingredients are mixed with proven dosages.  L-Citrulline Malate is the powerhouse of the formula, but there is also a solid amount of Creatine, AlphaGPC, Caffeine, Beta-Alanine, B12, and black pepper extract. 

Altius provides energy and focus through the toughest of workouts and the NO boost and improved recovery are definitely a welcome surprise. 

I’d recommend Altius for anyone looking to improve their progress at the gym.  Altius provides all of the results with no junk or jitters.

Check out Altius or Jacked Factory’s other products here.


Supplement Review: ASR (ASResearch)

Time for another supplement review!  I recently had the pleasure of trying 3 products from ASR and I am certainly loving the results.  On top of kicking my workouts to the next level, I also added more muscle to my physique and I have ASR to thank for the results.


My workouts started out with ASR’s Invincible, a delicious fruit punch flavored preworkout (it actually isn’t the typical “fruit punch flavor”, it is more of a tropical cherry citrus punch) that delivers on the promises it makes.  It kicks in very quickly, but doesn’t overpower with jitters, it just gives a long lasting energy that lasted all of the way through my workouts.  It has beta-alanine, glutamine, L-arginine, L-carnitine, citruline, caffeine, rhodiola rosea, and L-histidine, among others.  The ingredients are important because they provide great results, but the dosages of the ingredients are what make this product an outstanding value.  Top that off with the refreshing flavor and it is a winner in anyone’s book.


Since my workout demand was boosted, I started HyperGain Black to improve the results.  This is THE supplement to increase muscle growth and strength.  Creatine Magnapower provides a creatine with a higher bioavailability and improved protein absorption, AlphaSize A-GPC reduces physical and mental fatigue and sharpens agility, Kre-Alkalyn provides ph balanced muscle support, agmatine sulfate helps relieve pain and regulates NO levels in the body, GP L-carnitine acts as a powerful antioxidant and improves the metabolism of fatty acids (it can even help protect your kidneys), and vanadyl sulfate which can help insulin levels and improves vascularity.  HyperGain Black was one I took daily, and it gave me better results than I ever thought possible.


The final supplement was Shred360, a fat burner that also provides a solid energy boost without the jitters.  The ingredients in this powerhouse help break down fat cells, kills cravings, and gives a solid boost of energy.  One of my biggest pet peeves is a pill that smells or tastes horrible, and most fat burners do stink to an extent, but that is NOT the case here…Shred360 has a faint raspberry smell to the it is easy to toss a few in your pocket for the afternoon dose.

ASR supplements work, pure and simple.  Not only, do they work, they work well.  You can check them out here and visit their blog, which has some great workout tips, here.  A supplement company that gives you the knowledge AND supplements to reach your goals?  Yeah, that’s ASR.


Supplement Review: Haleo


When I have a chance to do these reviews, it’s not every day that I am contacted by the President of the company to tell me more about the philosophy behind the products….but Haleo President (and one hell of a fit dude) Joey Rodrigues took the time to email me and tell me about Haleo before I had a chance to try the products, which I greatly appreciated.

Haleo was started by David Halton and Joey after they’d spent years in the supplement industry.  After noticing a lack of ethics in the industry as well as questionable practices concerning quality, they founded Haleo, which has a focus in safety and quality, is free of banned substances, and using only evidence based and naturally occurring substances in their products.  The result is a top notch product line that delivers on the promises they make.  It is truly a product with ethical care inside every product.

I first started with their preworkout, Vici (latin for conquer).  It has a tart Fruit Punch flavor that is a nice variation on the typical FP flavor, it mixes extremely well, and it goes down easy whether you take before or during a workout.  I even tried taking this on an empty stomach (many PWO’s give gut rot if taken on an empty stomach) and found that Vici had no stomach upset if taken on an empty stomach, which makes this a great preworkout drink for those early morning workouts.  Don’t think that it isn’t good for a night workout certainly is.  I took it for a 7pm workout and blasted through it but still slept by 1030pm.  No jitters and no sleepless nights mean I have more time to conquer my day the next day.

Vici is comprised of electrolytes, a blend of betain, beta-alanine, and carnitine for power, malic acid, taurine, and caffeine for energy,  and beet root & agmatine for stamina.  It has tapioca starch, but no unidentified maltodextrin, so that’s always comforting too.  All in all, Vici has a powerful formula built for success.


I also tried Mind Set, the clarity and concentration supplement.  This was an interesting trial for me because I usually depend on large doses of caffeine to focus my mind when I am doing analytical projects at work.  Mind Set gave me the ability to focus and really concentrate without the side effects of caffeine.

Mind Set is made of Tyrosine, Wild Blueberry Extract, Carnitine, Picamilon, Theanine, Theobromine, Ginkgo Biloba, Choline, and Bacopa Monneieri (also known as the Herb of Grace) which increases blood flow in the brain and is renowned for it’s neuroprotective properties.  It’s a formula unlike any other and it is certainly effective.  I love every aspect of my job but sometimes, the reporting can feel overwhelming as I build queries, and analyze large amounts of data.  Mind Set really helped my stay focused and power through even the toughest reports.  I’d certainly recommend it for any college student looking to push their progress in studying.

Haleo also makes a fat burning supplement.  You can find them all here.  I’d recommend Mind Set for everyone and for anyone looking to push their next workout to the limit, try Vici!  Enjoy your progress!


Supplement Review: True Solution Protein

customer-satisfaction (2)

I honestly can’t give this protein enough praise.  Not only is it an all natural 17 grams of protein…it’s also free of dairy, soy, nuts, gluten, and eggs.  Yes, this is a plant protein made up of pea protein, rice,  inulin fiber, cane sugar, and 23 vitamins and minerals.  It’s also real cane sugar (and it is ONLY 10g of sugar for moms looking for a healthy snack for kids)!

As I said in my last post, I haven’t been a fan of pea proteins because they were usually grainy, but True Solution Protein is not at all grainy..the texture is creamy and the taste is delicious.  My wife (who has Celiac disease for those who are new to the blog) liked the chocolate, and Olivia loved “both of them” but “especially vanilla”.  True Solution makes a great snack because they are filling, nutritious, and easy to drink (even at room temperature!).


I was very impressed by True Solution.  It doesn’t have the junky fillers that some RTD (ready to drink) proteins have, the taste is top notch, and it has more fiber and less sugar than most of the RTD’s I’ve seen.  Topped off with great vanilla and chocolate flavors, it’s one protein that is right for anyone looking to have the perfect take-along drink to get them through their day.  The only thing I’d hope for is a larger drink with more protein for people used to the 30-40g protein drinks.  Hopefully we’ll see that in the future.  As far as the current lineup, you can find more information and shop here.  True Solution is my new favorite new RTD and I am convinced it’ll be yours too.