Seahouse Maui


The Seahouse Restaurant in Maui is an experience everyone must have in their life.  Located off of Napili Bay in the northwestern corner of Maui, this jewel of an establishment sits on the the calm waters of the bay by a golf course, the Ritz Carlton, and the Napili Kai resort.  

The service was excellent from the start.  We showed up early for our dinner reservations (they start dinner at 530 and you’ll want reservations), and they seated us at the bar tables, which have a direct side view into the bay.  Steph and I had a few drinks and were informed that our table was ready, so we made our way to the dining area.  The server pretty much took it from there.  We informed her we’d be eating from the gluten free menu and she not only noted it, she offered some recommendations as well.  Steph and I ordered the same meal (mine was from the regular menu) and she said it was actually the same meal, they just use a dedicated GF menu (probably to show how seriously they take it) for the non-gluten folks.  She swung Steph’s meal as my meal and got us each a free salad and dessert (mango sorbet, which she also said was gluten free).

The meal was excellent.  Steak, prawns, fish, veggies and potatoes were perfectly prepared to our liking.  Steph found the sorbet a bit sweet, but it hit the spot for me.  The entire experience was capped off by excellent service.  Our waters were always full and we didn’t once have to wait to order a drink.  The prices were excellent too and I am surprised that this restaurant seems to be a GF secret in Maui.

Cap the night off with watching a beautiful sunset on Napili Bay and you have one excellent night on Maui.  If you want to make a day of it, you may even choose to snorkel in the bay or take a drive along North Maui and find some hiking spots to the ocean.

A big thank you to the staff at Seahouse.  You made it a great experience.

What I’m rocking out to..

After a few emails asking what music I’m listening to these days, I’ve decided to list a few videos of songs that have heavy rotation on my Ipod.

1.  “Rise and Fall” by Adventure Club

2.  “Second Lives” by Vitalic

Driven focus music.

3.  “Overjoyed” by Bastille

Sort of “Imagine Dragons”-ish

4.  “Cascade” by Hyper

Good gym tune.

5.  “Dance the Way I Feel” by Ou Est Le Swimming Pool

Fun and catchy.  I’m surprised this isn’t blazing on every radio station by now.

6.  “Timeless” by Airborne Toxic Event

Good band with a great new song.

7.  “Long Highway” by the Jezabels

Moody and dark.

8.  “Nightdrive with you” by Anoraak

80’s coolness.

9.  “Masterpiece Theatre III” by Marianas Trench

Sounds like it could be a broadway play song.  One of my favorite bands.

Album Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a full album review, but here’s one for now and I have a few more coming this summer.  This album isn’t new by any means (it came out in late 2011), but I recently discovered it and thought you might like it if you’re a fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


The Jezabels are a 4 piece Australian band that put out some moving, intense, emotional indie rock.  Their album Prisoner hasn’t achieved a ton of commercial success here in the states, but their songs have been used on shows Like Grey’s Anatomy and True Blood.  My favorite two songs from the album are “Long Highway” and “Catch Me”.  “Long Highway” is more of the lovelorn type of song about loss, while “Catch Me” is a more upbeat track about dancing and moving to what you’re feeling inside.

All in all, the entire album is fantastic.  Check it out.  It’s also on my station on Spotify E99.9-Fresh Alternative. Search for it.


Save Rock and Roll

So Fall Out Boy has a new album out. Save Rock And Roll is out today and it’s awesome.

I know I am well above the age limit for a typical FOB fan, but I love them.  I should also disclose that I have always been a FOB fan, mainly because I feel they make rock/pop punk a fun, yet emotional experience, but this new album has quite a few other reason to gain them new fans:

1. They have a song with Elton John… and it’s awesome.

2. They have other songs with Big Sean (don’t know who that is but that bastatd stole my name), and Foxes.

3. Almost every song on the album is enjoyable. I used it for my workout and found it energizing.

4. It’s FOB. Just listen.




I haven’t done any music updates lately, so here’s a quickie:

Artist: Tegan and Sara

This album is amazing. They went from a folky/indie sound to a polished, 80’s sound with songs about love and heartache. Almost every single song is an instant hit, just waiting to be discovered. This album is truly worth every penny.

Available on iTunes and here:



I went to Santorini’s yesterday. I am not a huge fan of suburban dining, since many are chain restaurants and offer very little variety, but Santorini’s is definitely not a chain restaurant. It sits in what was the Pickled Parrot (and then, Canyon Grille) building off of 494/5 in Eden Prairie. Despite the fact that it’s next to the giant Transit parking ramp, it has a great location overlooking a large pond just arcoss the road to it’s south. The deck usually has a wait, and this time it was over an hour, so I chose to eat inside. I stood inside waiting for my guests and watched the people leaving. Every single one took the complimentary Uozo shot (it’s a black licorice liqueur) and then struggled with the exit doors, almost as if they had forgotten that the doors swing outward. It was a nice chuckle.

I had the pita melt (no pics) which was a delicious take on the traditional Greek pita, turning it into a sandwich with a layer of cheese. Dippable, and cool.

Here are some pics of the area.

The valet parking (complimentary with purchase)

The view

The view from the top of the Transit Parking Ramp.


I had finished at the gym today and wanted a healthier meal option than what I knew awaited me in the cabinets at home. I decided sushi was a good option, but had never had “suburban” sushi. As I walked out of the gym, however, Kami caught my eye. It’s a japanese steakhouse and sushi place in Apple Valley. I ordered my sushi and took it home (who wants to see a sweaty guy eating sushi in a nice restaurant?). I was pleasantly surprised! The sushi was awesome! If you’re looking for sushi, or a really cool Japanese steakhouse experience and don’t want the drive into the cities, try Kami.