Product Review: High Energy Labs

So much power it should require a license.
So much power it should require a license.

I have recently spent some time reviewing products from High Energy Labs and I would recommend every single one I tried.  I reviewed a pre-workout, a testosterone booster, a sleep aid, a joint formula, and a lean body mass booster.

The pre-workout drink is Galvanized N.O. and it’s a great blend.  It’s got:

AKG, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline for nitric oxide optimization
Beta-alanine, glucuronolactone, green tea, and DMG for anti-fatigue and an energy boost
Creatine for muscle buffering and Astragin, B Vitamins, Magnesium, and Vitamin C.

Before I opened the container, I was concerned that, like many supplements that contain green tea, the taste would be bitter and “grassy”, but I was surprised when I mixed the product with water and only tasted the Watermelon flavor with no bitterness.  I was able to drink the formula before and in the middle of my workout with no bitter taste.

There was no huge energy push, just a steady stream of energy throughout my entire workout, which is a big bonus, because there was no crash after the workout.  It also mixed well with no chunking or grainy sediment.

The lean mass optimizer I tried was HGH Complete.  Many muscular movie and TV stars take HGH injections to maintain muscle mass, improve metabolism, fight the effects of aging, and improve libido.  Compared to age 21, about 80% of a body’s natural HGH level is depleted by the age of 60.  I took the recommended dosage for 5 days and I slept better, noticed a much faster recovery after the gym, I had more energy (no more going to bed at 9:30), and I also noticed an increase in libido.  The formula has 7-Keto, DHEA, MSM, Tribulus, L-Dopa, and Aswagandha for lean body mass/libido/and anti-aging optimization, along with GABA (which always helps my restless leg syndrome at night).  Combine that with a full blend off amino acids and you’ve got a great formula.

The testosterone booster was a whole new level of awesome.  When this product says it’ll boost energy, strength & lean mass, and increase libido, it’s certainly true.  With Testo RX, I was hitting the gym with new found power, I wasn’t half as sore the day after leg day either.  My energy levels went up and my libido did as well.  When combined with the HGH Complete, I’d say this is THE test boosting/anti-aging powerhouse combo.  Don’t worry about getting moody either.  There are plenty of ingredients in Testo RX to stop the body turning the excess testosterone into estrogen, including Chrysin.

The joint formula Multi Flex Complete completely changed what I thought about joint repair formulas.  It supports joint strength and flexibility with MSM and chondroitin , reduces swelling and inflammation with bromelain turmeric and yucca (among others) , and it helps rebuild cartilage with hyaluronic acid and glucosamine.  From a guy who has joints that creak like an old house, Multi Flex Complete is a blessing.

Last but not least, the sleep formula SomaRest is a complete rework of a sleep aid.  The formula consists of Hops extract, passion flower, valerian root, GABA, L-Tryptophan, Chamomille, Velvet Bean, L-Theanine, Lavender, Peppermint, and Melatonin and it works like a dream (no pun intended).  Within 10-15 minutes of taking the product and hopping into bed, I was out like a light and I slept the entire night.  I woke up refreshed and ready to face the day too.  The peppermint smell was also a bonus.  I’ve taken sleep aids before and they usually stink a little, so to have SomaRest smell nice, it was a great change.

I also sampled an amino acid chewable tablet called ElectroAmino and they were outstanding.  The lime flavor is delicious and it chews up like a Sweet Tart.  It’s basically a great tasting amino acid blend in a citrus flavored tablet.

High Energy Labs has other great products too, and you can check them all out here.  I’d easily recommend every single product I tried.  Try them for yourself and let me know what you think.





Product Review: Elevate Me Bars and Oatmeal


Goooooood stuff.
Goooooood stuff.


I am a big fan of energy and protein bars.  I eat four to five meals per day and at least one of them is a protein/energy bar because it fills me up and gives me the nutrients I need.  Elevate Me bars go beyond the normal protein/energy bar and are gluten free, high fiber, cold-formed, have no artificial sweeteners, are 24% protein, and they taste amazing.  I tried all 8 flavors: Apple Strawberry, Cranberry-Blueberry-Goji Berry, Coconut Cocoa, Cocoa Acai Berry, Banana Almond, Cranberry Matcha Green Tea, Cocoa Espresso, and the All-Fruit Original and I have to say they are all fantastic.  The Cranberry Matcha Green Tea was delicious and Olivia’s favorite, I liked the “banana bread” flavor of the Banana Almond, and the Cocoa Espresso paired perfectly with a morning coffee.  The bars are only 230 calories and make a perfect before-gym snack or a nice mid-afternoon mini meal.


If you’re looking for a breakfast that will fill you up and you’re out of Elevate Me bars, you can always pick up some Elevate Me Wheat Free Oatmeal.  It’s not your sugar laden kid flavored oatmeal with gummi pieces…this is all around healthy stuff and it tastes great.  I added a dash of agave syrup to mine and each morning, had a filling breakfast in just one easy to make cup of oatmeal.  The oatmeal has 10g of protein per serving and comes in three great flavors:  Tropical Fruit Chia, Very Berry Chia, and Cocoa Coconut Chia (my favorite).

Elevate Me bars and oatmeal offer a healthy alternative in the world of bars and oatmeal.  You can see more about their product (and pick some up) here.  Enjoy!

Get in a Workeat

Love your site BTW.  Question for ya:  I recently started my weightloss journey and I’ve been going hard and heavy for about a month.  The issue is, I am WAY more hungry than I ever have been.  I feel like snacking all day long!  I don’t want to ruin my progress so I usually settle for water.  My question is, why am I so hungry?  Bonus question: Should I eat when I am hungry or continue with water?
Congrats on your healthy journey.  Without seeing what you’re eating each day, I have to ask, are you getting enough protein? If you would say “I get it from my food”, I’d say you’re definitely not.  You need more protein for your body than you can get from food (eating within 2000 calories or under) if you’re working out “hard and heavy”.  I’d recommend a whey protein (or soy if you’re animal free) to take within 30 minutes of your exercise.  All in all, you need .8g of protein per pound of bodyweight per day to maintain proper muscle mass.  Try also eating an apple or some healthy carbs with fiber within the 30 minute post-workout window too.  If you’re eating three meals per day, try also increasing that to 4-5 meals per day and divide your portions up to fit those lunch periods.  Don’t cut back on water, but you shouldn’t be drinking more than a gallon per day anyway.  You’re hungry because of two reasons: (A) your activity is stimulating your metabolism and your body is using what you eat more efficiently and (B) you may have changed your eating habits and your body is still getting used to the calorie expenditure versus the old way (meaning, you’re burning more but eating less and your body isn’t used to it).
Hopefully, spreading out your portions, increasing your protein and fiber intake, and giving yourself more “meal” times will help.  Feel free to let me know how it goes after you try it for a month or so.

Supplement Review: HPN High Performance Nutrition

I recently had the opportunity to try a few supplements from High Performance Nutrition.  It wasn’t the typical pre/post-workout, protein, or amino acid supplement that I’ve reviewed in the past, and it was pretty interesting experience.  ​I tried two products- HPN’s N(R), a NAD+ booster and multi-use supplement and F(1)​, their multivitamin. I took both supplements for an entire month and was VERY pleased with their results.
N(R) is a nicotinamide riboside supplement that has many benefits including metabolic boosting properties, raising endurance levels, and anti-aging properties…but what may be the MOST important benefit is the NAD+ boosting properties that protect cellular health in the brain and help prevent axonal degeneration and trauma.  It is because of this benefit that N(R) is being studied as a supplement to treat Alzheimer’s patients as well as patients that have undergone head trauma at some point in their lives.  If you’re in any contact sport, you should be taking N(R).
I’ve had quite a bit of head trauma in my life (Golf club in the forehead, falling off of Kris’s roof onto his driveway, the basic training, etc.,), but I was taking it to test the other benefits and I have to say it was effective in raising my metabolism (down an additional 4lbs for the month) and endurance (I’ve upped my game with cardio during my workouts and I can attribute my ability to adapt to N(R)).   It also increased my focus, big time.  My mind wanders at work (and at home, my wife would say) quite a bit and this helped me power through my workday, which usually includes staring at thousands of lines of data.
F(1) is a perfect multivitamin for both men and women.  In addition to the vitamin blend, this vitamin has chromium, L-Carnitine, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, an enzyme blend, an ORAC blend, and an antioxidant blend.  Men take 3 per day and women take 2 (if it’s the pill form), and there is a powdered form available too for those that like to mix the vitamins into the daily smoothie.  The vitamin digested well for me and gave me no side effects (no funky burps, etc).  I also liked that it was headache free.  Anyone that’s ever taken a GNC vitamin or some other “sports” vitamin can attest that some cause headaches (usually attributed to the Vitamin B level or quality).  Not so with F(1) was headache free and easy to take.
High Performance Nutrition supplements are Certified to be Safe for Sport, meaning they are safe for any amateur and professional athlete to take them without fear of potentially taking any sport-banned ingredients.  Pair that with top notch ingredients and you have a winning combo!
You can buy N(R) and F(1) here.  You can also buy at  Enjoy!

Supplement Review: Legion Supplements’ “Pulse”

Yes, please.

I recently tried Pulse from Legion Supplements and I’ll definitely be adding this to my list of favorite preworkouts.  Not only does the fruit punch flavor taste great, it mixes EXTREMELY well and doesn’t make the skin “over-tingle” with the beta-alanine.  Pulse is a much-needed addition to the preworkout arena.

I took a half dose the first day of the trial, then the recommended dose the second (while my wife also tried some), and a 1.5 dose the third day.  All three doses provided steady energy and a push that reduced fatigue all of the way through my workout.  Even with the 1.5 dose, I didn’t feel over-stimulated or too tingly (beta-alanine can make the skin tingle from time to time).  I even found myself (in my HIIT phase) sprinting on the treadmill for the first time in two years without even skipping a beat when I got back to the weights.

Fruit Punch wasn’t sour, just a little tangy and not too sweet, which I like.  I can’t stand some products that make you feel like you’ve just downed toxic waste or others that make your tongue feel like you’ve eaten a pound of sugar.  Overall, the flavor was very pleasing.  It’s naturally sweetened with Stevia, has no artificial dyes or extra fillers.  All in all, it’s a solid product.

So what makes it so good? Just look at the label.  It’s packed with beta-alanine (increases carnosine level to reduce muscle fatigue), L-citrulline (reduces fatigue and boost blood flow), theanine (NO Boost), L-ornithine (reduces fatigue and increases fat burning), and some caffeine to boot.


I’d recommend Pulse to anyone whether you’re new to the gym and looking for a boost to take you to the next level or you’re an “seasoned pro” that is sick of your old formula preworkout.  The best part is that Pulse is certified gluten free according to the manufacturer and their other products are going through the testing phase soon to get the same certification.  You can check out Pulse and all of the other Legion Supplements here.  I’m hoping to get my hands on their protein soon.  With a preworkout as great as Pulse, their protein has to be outstanding.



Supplement Review CTD Labs

Three amigos..

I recently spent a week trying the supplements of CTD Labs and I am more than happy to write about my praises for their lineup today.

I sampled three products: Noxipro Chrome- a stimulant based preworkout, Noxivol- a stimulant free preworkout/vasodilator, and Endurapro- an endurance and recovery formula.  I tried the preworkouts each once (and Endurapro after the two workouts), then tried one workout with a Noxipro Chrome/Noxivol mix and one workout with a Noxipro Chrome/Endurapro combo (took Noxipro Chrome first, then after 40 minutes, took Endurapro).  The results were phenomenal with each test…so much so, that I took an extra day to try just Noxipro Chrome again just to make sure I wasn’t imagining the awesome performance I had.  After the second time, I was convinced this was the best preworkout I’ve ever taken.

Noxipro Chrome comes in three flavors (fruit punch, grape, and pineapple strawberry).  I tried Fruit Punch in all three products and they tasted great..not too powerful, and not too sweet.  Noxipro Chrome mixes in seconds, and with a solid shake, has no sediment settling at the bottom of the shaker.  Their sales director advised that I start with just one serving rather than my usual double dose because it has something he calls “second gear”, which is a time released energy boost that kicks in during the workout (so you don’t waste the energy boost at the beginning and then slump later on).  He was dead on for calling that out.  The boost happened about 25 minutes into both workouts and it lasted until I was done.  Never before have I had a secondary kick in a preworkout, let alone a boost that was that effective.  Not only does Noxipro Chrome increase stamina and focus, it is very effective at reducing muscle fatigue and increasing performance.

Noxipro Chrome is loaded with performance.

Noxivol is basically a stim-free version of Noxipro Chrome and mixes and tastes the same way.  The advantage with Noxivol is the stim-free performance it provides which makes it ideal for a night workout, but it still gives the same results.  When mixed with Noxipro Chrome, Noxivol adds to the workout with extra pump, but without the over-stim jitters.  Taking the two together was, by far, one of the best workouts I’ve had.  One really cool thing about Noxivol is that is has Cissus quadrangularis in it.  Cissus is a vine that has been used in African and Asian medicine for years and is currently used to treat obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, weak bones, joint pain, asthma, and even back pain.

Noxivol has power without the stimulants.

Endurapro is the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned.  After you’ve torn through a solid workout (or if you’ve got some serious cardio in your workout), Endurapro is the endurance/recovery formula to make sure you can do it all again the next day.  It’s lactose free, has a 2:1:1 BCAA blend, a good advanced carb ratio, electrolytes to keep you going, and even 2g of protein.  Because it’s nice and light, it also goes down well after a workout on the drive home to make your protein shake.

Endurapro..It’s like a backup battery for your body.

Whether you’re in the market for a preworkout or an endurance/recovery drink, these three products are work like a dream and I’m happy I got to try them.  You really need to check them out..and you can do so here (there are also more products to try at their site).  You can also find them at Lockout Supplements and DPS Nutrition, and I hope to see them soon on  Not only are the products affordable, they’re also an incredible value for the price.

Check them out.  This is one brand I know you’ll enjoy!


Supplement Review: AI Sports Nutrition


I recently checked out a selection of products from AI Sports Nutrition and I was relatively impressed with their performance.  I started with the 3z sleep aid and found it to be very effective in getting a full night’s sleep.  It’s got valerian root, magnolia bark, passion flower, magnesium and zinc, GABA and bacopa.  I could go into great detail about how great these ingredients are in helping provide a good night’s sleep, but I’ll keep it short…they just work well together and I slept like a baby without feeling groggy in the morning.

The next day, instead of my morning coffee, I tried the Magic Matcha green tea with some honey and milk.  Matcha tea has always been my favorite tea but I have had trouble finding an affordable matcha tea powder that doesn’t clump or taste extremely bitter (or cost me my house to buy it).  Magic Matcha is not only one of the most affordable matcha powders around, it also mixes well and tastes great!  I may have to rethink coffee as my favorite morning drink!

For my afternoon workout, I used a Turbo Stix energy boost before hitting the weights.  The energy boost is equivalent to an energy shot/drink and it tasted much better than I expected.  It was also easy to pack and take, just rip open the pack and pour it in your mouth like a Pixie Stick.  While the energy boost was good, I’d actually recommend their actual pre-workout before training because it has several other ingredients that can assist in powering a complete workout.

After my workout, I used the Recover Pro recovery drink which is a BCAA blend of L=Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine is an delicious red raspberry flavor.  I’d advise taking this in addition to your post-workout protein for an added benefit and a faster recovery.

I also had a chance to try the Reds and Greens drink powder which is a full blend of your daily fruits and veggies.  Just look at the label, it’s loaded!  It mixed very well and tasted great.  I’d even add a splash of apple juice and give it a sweet boost.


AI Sports Nutrition has a ton of other supplements which range from the Perform Sexual Performance booster, HGH Pro that stimulates lean muscle growth,  Life Support which supports liver health and may lower cholesterol, and the No Whey! Protein (which is, as the name says, a whey-free protein made with rice and pea protein).  There are a ton of other products as well and you can check them all out here.  AI Sports Nutrition has a great lineup.  Enjoy!