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Love your site BTW.  Question for ya:  I recently started my weightloss journey and I’ve been going hard and heavy for about a month.  The issue is, I am WAY more hungry than I ever have been.  I feel like snacking all day long!  I don’t want to ruin my progress so I usually settle for water.  My question is, why am I so hungry?  Bonus question: Should I eat when I am hungry or continue with water?
Congrats on your healthy journey.  Without seeing what you’re eating each day, I have to ask, are you getting enough protein? If you would say “I get it from my food”, I’d say you’re definitely not.  You need more protein for your body than you can get from food (eating within 2000 calories or under) if you’re working out “hard and heavy”.  I’d recommend a whey protein (or soy if you’re animal free) to take within 30 minutes of your exercise.  All in all, you need .8g of protein per pound of bodyweight per day to maintain proper muscle mass.  Try also eating an apple or some healthy carbs with fiber within the 30 minute post-workout window too.  If you’re eating three meals per day, try also increasing that to 4-5 meals per day and divide your portions up to fit those lunch periods.  Don’t cut back on water, but you shouldn’t be drinking more than a gallon per day anyway.  You’re hungry because of two reasons: (A) your activity is stimulating your metabolism and your body is using what you eat more efficiently and (B) you may have changed your eating habits and your body is still getting used to the calorie expenditure versus the old way (meaning, you’re burning more but eating less and your body isn’t used to it).
Hopefully, spreading out your portions, increasing your protein and fiber intake, and giving yourself more “meal” times will help.  Feel free to let me know how it goes after you try it for a month or so.

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CoriAnn wrote:


With all of the bad things in food today, how are we supposed to know what is safe anymore?  I just watched Food Inc, have you seen it?  I know it’s not a new movie or anything, but it was an eye opener.  I won’t ruin it for you, but let’s just say I won’t be eating any fast food anymore.  Anyway, I was wondering how to maintain a healthy eating habit now that the world seems to be plunging headfirst into food chaos.  Any tips?



I actually watched Food Inc a few weeks ago and I can see why you are staying away from fast food.  I’ve been staying away from fast food and processed foods as much as possible for just over two years now.  There are times when it’s pretty much unavoidable, but 99.9% of the time, it’s an easy choice for me.

As far as tips to eat the “right” foods, I live by the following principles:

1.  Everything in moderation…including fats.  You actually NEED fat!  It’s an essential part of every cell in our bodies.  Cutting this out screws up many different functions, including hormone production.

2.  Eat your fruits and veggies.  If you’re picky, find some that you like and make it a daily habit.  I try to have fruit/veggie components in my lunches and dinners.

3.  Get your fiber.  True, some adult cereals taste like licking a tile floor, but there are some good cereals and other good ways to get fiber.  Look around.

4.  Stay away from processed foods and HFCS.  Sodas, candy, microwave meals, chicken nuggets, etc are all forms of processed meals or foods containing HFCS.  Read your wrapper.  The first half of the ingredients in your food should be food, not a mad-scientist’s concoction of ingredients.

5.  Shop for organic, natural,  or whole foods.  I prefer my Byerly’s, Kowalski’s, Trader Joe’s, or Whole Foods shopping.  If you haven’t been there recently, it’s gotten MUCH cheaper to eat healthy.  The good foods will never be as cheap as mass market stuff, but it’ll do less long term damage to your body and save you money in the later years.

6.  Get your calcium.  Milk, cheese, or any natural way you can is best, but make your bones strong.  You’ll need it later.

7.  Think before you eat.  Make sure you’re fueling your body correctly.  Would you pour a bunch of garbage into your car’s gas tank?  No.  So then why would you do it to YOUR gas tank?  Indulge once in awhile, but make sure you’re regular habits are making your body a better place for you to be in.  You only get one body so make it count.