Don wrote:

Hello there.  I am a recent reader of your blog after hearing about it from my daughter.  I really like how you address your audience.  Now, I may be a bit older than your core audience (I am 54), but I thought I would ask for some advice.

I was laid off three months ago after working at the same company since graduating college and haven’t been able to find work.  It seems like those of us that were in higher up positions were also the ones old enough to not rehire.  I have applied to a million places and had no luck.  What am I doing wrong?


You aren’t necessarily doing something wrong.  The job search process has changed since you were young and some people fail to adapt.  Have you updated your resume with both content AND style?  Employers today need a resume that stands out, so if your content is there, make your resume strong enough for them to notice it in the pile of other resumes.

If you’re searching online, set a goal for yourself of applying or reapplying for 12 jobs per day.  Some employers dump resumes and applications from online systems as quick as 60 days so you’ll need to keep things fresh.

Put away your pride as well.  You’re like a dragon..you have a long job history and a powerful past, but you’re a dying breed.  Thinking you’ll get an executive level position easily is a big mistake.  You may need to take a lower paying job to make ends meet while still searching for a higher paying job.  It may be hard work, it may not have cushy hours, but its income.  You don’t have to start at the bottom but don’t expect to start at the top either.

Don’t get discouraged either.  You have to keep plugging away.  I have lost my job twice in my life and had to apply for months before something good came along.  Its a challenge, but you keep opening doors along the way.

If none of this sounds good, have you tried buying properties for rental?  You can easily buy a house these days and rehab it then rent it out to people as a way to make some extra money.  Sure, it may be a short term drain, but if you have the money and resources, it can really pay off.

Good luck in your search.