Supplement Review: ASR (ASResearch)

Time for another supplement review!  I recently had the pleasure of trying 3 products from ASR and I am certainly loving the results.  On top of kicking my workouts to the next level, I also added more muscle to my physique and I have ASR to thank for the results.


My workouts started out with ASR’s Invincible, a delicious fruit punch flavored preworkout (it actually isn’t the typical “fruit punch flavor”, it is more of a tropical cherry citrus punch) that delivers on the promises it makes.  It kicks in very quickly, but doesn’t overpower with jitters, it just gives a long lasting energy that lasted all of the way through my workouts.  It has beta-alanine, glutamine, L-arginine, L-carnitine, citruline, caffeine, rhodiola rosea, and L-histidine, among others.  The ingredients are important because they provide great results, but the dosages of the ingredients are what make this product an outstanding value.  Top that off with the refreshing flavor and it is a winner in anyone’s book.


Since my workout demand was boosted, I started HyperGain Black to improve the results.  This is THE supplement to increase muscle growth and strength.  Creatine Magnapower provides a creatine with a higher bioavailability and improved protein absorption, AlphaSize A-GPC reduces physical and mental fatigue and sharpens agility, Kre-Alkalyn provides ph balanced muscle support, agmatine sulfate helps relieve pain and regulates NO levels in the body, GP L-carnitine acts as a powerful antioxidant and improves the metabolism of fatty acids (it can even help protect your kidneys), and vanadyl sulfate which can help insulin levels and improves vascularity.  HyperGain Black was one I took daily, and it gave me better results than I ever thought possible.


The final supplement was Shred360, a fat burner that also provides a solid energy boost without the jitters.  The ingredients in this powerhouse help break down fat cells, kills cravings, and gives a solid boost of energy.  One of my biggest pet peeves is a pill that smells or tastes horrible, and most fat burners do stink to an extent, but that is NOT the case here…Shred360 has a faint raspberry smell to the it is easy to toss a few in your pocket for the afternoon dose.

ASR supplements work, pure and simple.  Not only, do they work, they work well.  You can check them out here and visit their blog, which has some great workout tips, here.  A supplement company that gives you the knowledge AND supplements to reach your goals?  Yeah, that’s ASR.



Supplement Review: Haleo


When I have a chance to do these reviews, it’s not every day that I am contacted by the President of the company to tell me more about the philosophy behind the products….but Haleo President (and one hell of a fit dude) Joey Rodrigues took the time to email me and tell me about Haleo before I had a chance to try the products, which I greatly appreciated.

Haleo was started by David Halton and Joey after they’d spent years in the supplement industry.  After noticing a lack of ethics in the industry as well as questionable practices concerning quality, they founded Haleo, which has a focus in safety and quality, is free of banned substances, and using only evidence based and naturally occurring substances in their products.  The result is a top notch product line that delivers on the promises they make.  It is truly a product with ethical care inside every product.

I first started with their preworkout, Vici (latin for conquer).  It has a tart Fruit Punch flavor that is a nice variation on the typical FP flavor, it mixes extremely well, and it goes down easy whether you take before or during a workout.  I even tried taking this on an empty stomach (many PWO’s give gut rot if taken on an empty stomach) and found that Vici had no stomach upset if taken on an empty stomach, which makes this a great preworkout drink for those early morning workouts.  Don’t think that it isn’t good for a night workout certainly is.  I took it for a 7pm workout and blasted through it but still slept by 1030pm.  No jitters and no sleepless nights mean I have more time to conquer my day the next day.

Vici is comprised of electrolytes, a blend of betain, beta-alanine, and carnitine for power, malic acid, taurine, and caffeine for energy,  and beet root & agmatine for stamina.  It has tapioca starch, but no unidentified maltodextrin, so that’s always comforting too.  All in all, Vici has a powerful formula built for success.


I also tried Mind Set, the clarity and concentration supplement.  This was an interesting trial for me because I usually depend on large doses of caffeine to focus my mind when I am doing analytical projects at work.  Mind Set gave me the ability to focus and really concentrate without the side effects of caffeine.

Mind Set is made of Tyrosine, Wild Blueberry Extract, Carnitine, Picamilon, Theanine, Theobromine, Ginkgo Biloba, Choline, and Bacopa Monneieri (also known as the Herb of Grace) which increases blood flow in the brain and is renowned for it’s neuroprotective properties.  It’s a formula unlike any other and it is certainly effective.  I love every aspect of my job but sometimes, the reporting can feel overwhelming as I build queries, and analyze large amounts of data.  Mind Set really helped my stay focused and power through even the toughest reports.  I’d certainly recommend it for any college student looking to push their progress in studying.

Haleo also makes a fat burning supplement.  You can find them all here.  I’d recommend Mind Set for everyone and for anyone looking to push their next workout to the limit, try Vici!  Enjoy your progress!


Supplement Review: Liftag Sport

A rainbow of flavor.
A rainbow of flavor.

I am the type of consumer that won’t just chug any old drink…I want flavor AND performance.  Liftag Sport’s Ulift Pre-Workout has both the amazing flavor and top notch performance to power you through any workout.  There are four flavors and Liftag NAILED each one.  The green apple is a great apple flavor without being too tart or two overpowering, the fruit punch is tasty and light, the watermelon actually tastes like watermelon (not watermelon candy) and, from someone that usually despises blue raspberry flavors, the blue raspberry flavor is my absolute’s not thick, it’s not too strong, and it tastes more like a sweet red raspberry than a fake blue raspberry flavor.

As far as performance, it made my week of 5am workouts a breeze and I was able to shower and dress for work with no overpowering “tingle” that some other preworkout drinks sometimes have as a byproduct.  The formula is packed with L-Citrulline, Dimethylglycine, agmatine sulfate, and L-arginine, creatine and a sweet energy blend.  The result is a focus enhancing, power producing, all-around awesome product that is easy to drink time and time again.

Check out Liftag Sport here.  You can sign up for updates or follow them on Facebook as well.  This is one drink you’ll want to add to your workouts.

Supplement Review: Legion Supplements’ “Pulse”

Yes, please.

I recently tried Pulse from Legion Supplements and I’ll definitely be adding this to my list of favorite preworkouts.  Not only does the fruit punch flavor taste great, it mixes EXTREMELY well and doesn’t make the skin “over-tingle” with the beta-alanine.  Pulse is a much-needed addition to the preworkout arena.

I took a half dose the first day of the trial, then the recommended dose the second (while my wife also tried some), and a 1.5 dose the third day.  All three doses provided steady energy and a push that reduced fatigue all of the way through my workout.  Even with the 1.5 dose, I didn’t feel over-stimulated or too tingly (beta-alanine can make the skin tingle from time to time).  I even found myself (in my HIIT phase) sprinting on the treadmill for the first time in two years without even skipping a beat when I got back to the weights.

Fruit Punch wasn’t sour, just a little tangy and not too sweet, which I like.  I can’t stand some products that make you feel like you’ve just downed toxic waste or others that make your tongue feel like you’ve eaten a pound of sugar.  Overall, the flavor was very pleasing.  It’s naturally sweetened with Stevia, has no artificial dyes or extra fillers.  All in all, it’s a solid product.

So what makes it so good? Just look at the label.  It’s packed with beta-alanine (increases carnosine level to reduce muscle fatigue), L-citrulline (reduces fatigue and boost blood flow), theanine (NO Boost), L-ornithine (reduces fatigue and increases fat burning), and some caffeine to boot.


I’d recommend Pulse to anyone whether you’re new to the gym and looking for a boost to take you to the next level or you’re an “seasoned pro” that is sick of your old formula preworkout.  The best part is that Pulse is certified gluten free according to the manufacturer and their other products are going through the testing phase soon to get the same certification.  You can check out Pulse and all of the other Legion Supplements here.  I’m hoping to get my hands on their protein soon.  With a preworkout as great as Pulse, their protein has to be outstanding.



Supplement Review CTD Labs

Three amigos..

I recently spent a week trying the supplements of CTD Labs and I am more than happy to write about my praises for their lineup today.

I sampled three products: Noxipro Chrome- a stimulant based preworkout, Noxivol- a stimulant free preworkout/vasodilator, and Endurapro- an endurance and recovery formula.  I tried the preworkouts each once (and Endurapro after the two workouts), then tried one workout with a Noxipro Chrome/Noxivol mix and one workout with a Noxipro Chrome/Endurapro combo (took Noxipro Chrome first, then after 40 minutes, took Endurapro).  The results were phenomenal with each test…so much so, that I took an extra day to try just Noxipro Chrome again just to make sure I wasn’t imagining the awesome performance I had.  After the second time, I was convinced this was the best preworkout I’ve ever taken.

Noxipro Chrome comes in three flavors (fruit punch, grape, and pineapple strawberry).  I tried Fruit Punch in all three products and they tasted great..not too powerful, and not too sweet.  Noxipro Chrome mixes in seconds, and with a solid shake, has no sediment settling at the bottom of the shaker.  Their sales director advised that I start with just one serving rather than my usual double dose because it has something he calls “second gear”, which is a time released energy boost that kicks in during the workout (so you don’t waste the energy boost at the beginning and then slump later on).  He was dead on for calling that out.  The boost happened about 25 minutes into both workouts and it lasted until I was done.  Never before have I had a secondary kick in a preworkout, let alone a boost that was that effective.  Not only does Noxipro Chrome increase stamina and focus, it is very effective at reducing muscle fatigue and increasing performance.

Noxipro Chrome is loaded with performance.

Noxivol is basically a stim-free version of Noxipro Chrome and mixes and tastes the same way.  The advantage with Noxivol is the stim-free performance it provides which makes it ideal for a night workout, but it still gives the same results.  When mixed with Noxipro Chrome, Noxivol adds to the workout with extra pump, but without the over-stim jitters.  Taking the two together was, by far, one of the best workouts I’ve had.  One really cool thing about Noxivol is that is has Cissus quadrangularis in it.  Cissus is a vine that has been used in African and Asian medicine for years and is currently used to treat obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, weak bones, joint pain, asthma, and even back pain.

Noxivol has power without the stimulants.

Endurapro is the icing on the cake as far as I am concerned.  After you’ve torn through a solid workout (or if you’ve got some serious cardio in your workout), Endurapro is the endurance/recovery formula to make sure you can do it all again the next day.  It’s lactose free, has a 2:1:1 BCAA blend, a good advanced carb ratio, electrolytes to keep you going, and even 2g of protein.  Because it’s nice and light, it also goes down well after a workout on the drive home to make your protein shake.

Endurapro..It’s like a backup battery for your body.

Whether you’re in the market for a preworkout or an endurance/recovery drink, these three products are work like a dream and I’m happy I got to try them.  You really need to check them out..and you can do so here (there are also more products to try at their site).  You can also find them at Lockout Supplements and DPS Nutrition, and I hope to see them soon on  Not only are the products affordable, they’re also an incredible value for the price.

Check them out.  This is one brand I know you’ll enjoy!